Comments for Disney Is Stopping Attractions When Guests Remove Masks


  1. Mike

    ??? Disney. This matters. I’m impressed.

  2. Sue

    Omg now Disney is going to be run like a socialist country! Someone took off there mask. Shame shame on you

    1. DC

      Any guy who is applauding this most likely watches their wife sleep with other superior men who knows there are worst things to worry about than a flu strain with a 99% mortality rate

      1. Daddy Piranha

        Funny, I was just thinking that the kind of guy that gets upset over a small piece of cloth on their face that can help their fellow citizens probably still wears his letter jacket to bed every night to compensate for daddy missing his first and only start as a pitcher for the JV team. Does blaring Metallica CD’s every weekend make the pain of daddy’s absence better? I feel for you, big man. We care for you.

        1. Chris

          Wow, are you brainwashed

        2. Nicholas Cervenka

          That is a super specific insult. Were you that person? I bet you were that person.

          Also Metallica slaps.

      2. Nicholas Cervenka

        99 percent mortality rate is pretty high…

    2. Peter

      Well said!

    3. Jim

      Members of IQ45 cult are destroying this country.

  3. Rich

    Mickey GETS it, why can’t every one??

    1. Tommy Dodger

      Who in their right mind would waste their time and great amounts of money going to Disney while the panicdemic is going on? The guy who wrote this must break out in hives if he can’t get his Disney fix.

  4. Liz

    This was not our experience in October. We experienced so much mask non-compliance that was not addressed that we decided to cancel our other trips and annual passes.

  5. Robert

    This is beyond stupid.

    1. Kim


  6. Nope

    This is awesome! The Karens are going to get triggered.

    1. Lux

      The Karens are the exact reason Disney is doing this. They would rather accommodate the whining Karens than implement common sense policies and risk offending weak-minded individuals who demand we wear masks. People are wearing more masks now than ever before and the virus has infected more people than ever before. Clearly the masks aren’t working but we still need to accommodate weak minds because it’s those weak-minded people that yell the loudest even though their concerns don’t match science or common sense. They do however affect Disney’s bottom line and profits and that is exactly what Disney wants to avoid. They would rather inconvenience people with masks and stopping rides than losing profit.

      1. Gern Blanston

        I would argue that you are the “Karens” you speak of. If wearing a mask is not working please point to one instance of a covid spike originating at a theme park.

        Since you only spouted MAGA talking points, it is tough to take you seriously. Obviously, Disney is not for you since wearing a mask is a common-sense policy.

        1. Marcos

          What is wrong with MAGA talking points? MAGA thinking is the only normal common sense talk I know if. What I do know is you emanate MARXIST talking points. People like you are an existential threat to western civilization. You are like sheep being led to the slaughter and you REFUSE (stubbornly) to see it.

  7. anon

    For those of you griping and moaning. Disney has published their rules. You don’t want to follow them, then don’t freaking go. So sick of people being so self entitled to think the rules posted by companies don’t apply to them because they don’t want to follow them. Enough. Either follow them, or don’t go. But for the love of Pete’s Silly Side Show, quit your damn bitching you juvenile little twits!

  8. Asher

    Why are they still requiring masks in the first place? I thought the Governor lifted covid restrictions.

  9. Sam g

    Disney is over tje top. We somewhat compliant while there. We love disney for its shows and storytelling but the constant nit-picking about masks is beyond old. The country needs to get over it and move on. If you want a mask then wear it but leave the rest of us alone. I am a healthcare provider inwork with ohysicians and guess what theu say the same thing. All the masks stuff is a show amd nothing more. We have been visiting seaworld amd they are doing so much better. Went to a womderful holiday show tonight where performers actually touched each other. Other parks get it why cant disney?

    1. Robert

      This post would be more credible if the writer spelled physicians correctly.

    2. Luv4jesus

      I will never go if they expect me to wear a mask. I hope I’m in the majority and Disney is forced to drop this absurd totalitarian rule due to lack of guests. Stand with me and reject these ridiculous virtue signaling devices that actually make increase our risk of infection!

      1. Gern Blanston

        Facepalm! If loving Jesus means you don’t have to care about others, then I guess you are one of the best Christians around.

        I suppose you don’t drive on the correct side of the road or follow the rules of traffic lights and stop signs. These are simply just totalitarian rules to help keep others safe. But wearing a mask is so much worse. If wearing a mask truly increases your risk of infection, please post any data that shows there have been any covid related spikes or illness from someone wearing a mask at a theme park.

        Please enjoy your idiocy and stay away from others.

      2. Peter

        Well put.

  10. Lux

    Has there been any evidence anywhere that masks work? More people are wearing masks now than ever before and the cases are higher than ever before. What’s the point?

  11. Nancy

    Curious if anyone knows, but has Disney put any info out there about anyone testing positive for Covid or any exposures from visitors at the parks??

  12. Charles

    Unless you’re Jason Aldean, then it’s ok to remove your mask. I have no problem with people removing masks for pictures and I’m not ragging on Jason and his family but Disney needs to apply their rules equally to EVERYONE, no hypocrisy!

  13. Steven

    This is not the case. Was there 2 weeks ago. Pulled my mask down on every ride and everytime I was inside an attraction never had a ride stop.

    1. Gern Blanston

      Then you would be an idiot!

    2. Yoda

      Thank you for being selfish. Some of us like to get photos but if there is anyone in photo pass picture without wearing masks properly, the photo isn’t released.

    3. Scott

      So you’re the reason Pirates stopped, that Na’vi River stopped, that Splash Mountain stopped, that It’s a Small World stopped, and that The Three Caballeros stopped. They would stop the ride and make an announcement that the mask had to remain on the face and that the ride would resume after. My family and I were there Oct 29 through Nov 10.

      1. Steven

        I never heard then make an announcement they were stopping the rides because of mask. They stopped rides to allow handicap people on and off. That was it.

        1. Scott

          No, there were specific stops during the ride and they came across the speaker system in a “live” voice indicating masks must remain on. The handicap stops were different and announced about the unfortunate stop and that the ride would resume shortly.

  14. Still-A-Fan-Disney

    Good for Disney! If you are going to go to a theme park of any kind respect yourself and respect others by wearing a mask. They are making sure everyone is safe so what is the problem?! For those of you who are using the “I have a medical condition of the lungs” sorry, they have face shields now. Those of you say “I was there X weeks ago” well, that was X weeks ago, this is now.

  15. Chris

    Disney is totally ruined. This is beyond stupid

  16. Paul

    Really glad to see Disney doing this. So far, as best as I can tell, they’ve managed to operate without an outbreak or super spreader event being traced back to their parks. I’ve read that there have been cases with employees (feel badly for them) and a few guests, but they seem to have stayed at the individual or family levels.

    From reading other comments it’s pretty clear that, at least in the past, they weren’t enforcing this. But I hope it’s becoming standard practice, particularly as Disney looks to increase guest capacity.

  17. SD

    I applaud Disney’s decision.

  18. SG

    Thank you Disney! Masks & distancing are all we have right now (until vaccines arrive )so only the ignorant or stubborn are flaunting proven medical science. So thank you again Disney! Even before COVID rides stop for many reasons, like accommodating the handicapped. Stopping a ride for these reasons, in my opinion is reasonable!

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