Comments for Disney+: Why Did ‘Mulan’ Cost $30 Extra, But ‘Soul’ is Free?


Credit: Disney-Pixar


  1. Marly Lynn Mattson

    I personally think this is a bunch of “hooey” regarding charging for Mulan and not for Soul. I could have gone to the movies, if COVID were not an issue and I CAN go to the movies in my state, for at max half the cost of Mulan. Actually in my state half would be for two people! I understand Disney’s need to make $$$. But at the expense of their loyal customers? Just wrong! It’s like everything else with Disney, you have to be well off to afford Disney these days! Hope you pass these sentiments along to Disney.

  2. Beck

    $30 to watch a movie is not happening in our household. We just can’t afford it. Hopefully Disney+ will offer it as standard fare once it gets older.. Otherwise we won’t be watching it.

  3. Cary

    I watched mulan, it was worth it to me just to see the scenery and the costumes used. A very colorful movie, the storyline was boring to me. Toddler boys enjoyed the fighting scenes. The reason it was $30 is because once you get premiere access it stays there as long as your account is active. The movie Soul is the perfect Christmas present. Will be watching the day it is released.

  4. SG

    I won’t pay more for movies or whatever Disney puts on Disney+ – we already pay every month!
    And with all the controversy around Mulan, I will not watch it. Even when is “free”.
    I am looking forward to watching Soul.

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