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Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Copyright lawsuit

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  1. Curtis

    I think we’ve had enough POTC movies! It’d be fun to see movies that are inspired by other park rides though.

    1. kim

      well then im not watching it..

      1. Htk

        Well we should have more movies based on rides based on older movies based on candy bars.

      2. Bj

        Boo Disney. There is no POTC without Depp as Sparrow. Get off your pc high horse.

  2. Anja Fastring

    There should be no reboot, but rather a tieing up of loose ends: 1. How did Calypso give the compass to Jack in dead mans chest(“the compass you bartered from me…”) when in dead men tells no tales young jack gets it from his captain? 2. After the credits of DMTNT we see a clear hint of Davy Jones returning so we are all expecting that and how that would come to be. 3 Johnny depp MADE these movies…Use him in his normal big role and finish up the 6 movies properly. Then they can do any reboots(that no one really wants to watch) with ….Zach Efron…really?
    4 Being back the original directors etc from curse of the black pearl….its the most loved of all the movies

  3. Carla Roughton

    I know Disney has lost me as a fan. There is no truth of what Depps ex-wife nor the judge said about Johnny Depp

    1. KattsMeow

      I totally agree! Shame on Disney after he made Jack Sparrow a legend for them!

  4. Morrgan

    This is honestly disappointing. It’s best to just scrap the entire movie now.
    Number 6 would have been amazing with Captain Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, and Karen Gillian all in it with a great story.

    1. Doug

      I think the film studios underestimate the fan following of Johny Depp, they will lose a lot of money over this.

      1. John

        Yep they will

        1. David

          Disney needs to pull their head out of their ass Johnny Depp’s made these movies and they need to keep him in there

    2. Bodil

      I completely agree! Think about this, Johnny has well over 8000000 pollowers on his Instagram, what do you think, Disney and WB will happen if you do not treat Johnny fair??? Just asking???
      What do you think will happen if 8000000 people boycott Disney and WB???
      Pirats of the Caribbean 6?
      Fantastic Beast 3?
      Aquaman 2 ( NOT to fire AH )?
      I hear loud and clear FLOP! FLOP! FLOP!

    3. Karen Adams

      Enough is enough. Boycott Disney period.

  5. Albert

    Fr this the worse move they’ll ever make ??‍♂️

  6. Ken

    This is an article about rumors and speculation. Bull sh## basically. We all know Disney has gone down the wrong road lately quite a bit with all their decisions. If this were true, it would be the icing on the cake. They’ve been ruining quite a bit lately for fans.

  7. Media

    Without Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean is awful?

  8. Sad Gold digger won . boycott tbe movie

  9. Ryan Rosado

    Well now i hope disney losses money and gets shut down

  10. Ryan Rosado


  11. Suke

    It’s sad to hear this! Their loss Johnny! Tim’s gain again! Remember that the world loves you! It must be a firing kind of day because I was just let go from a behemoth online retailer and now back to living on $ 76 a week! Well maybe it will give me more time to work on my screenplay that I’d put aside for far too long. Chin up!

  12. Tyler Rowan

    I hate to say this but unless they finish off Captain Jack Sparrow’s arc I will not watch another pirates movie. It was Johnny Depp who made these movies the success that they are. And with the credit scene in Dead Men tell no tales there should be one final movie with all the major characters to finish off all of their stories.

  13. Bernadette Castrillo

    I agree with you totally,the show is nothing, without johnny depp

  14. hailey

    Johnny Depp needs to be in this movie he made this movie a legend also disney will most likely loose a lot of fans if johnny depp isn’t in this movie It isn’t Pirates Of the Caribbean without him

  15. Não façam como á maldita Warner que mandou Depp embora para ficar com a maldita mentirosa dá Amber Heard ,me da nojo dos estúdios como a Warner estão descartando Depp depois de ganhar bilhões com ele ,vergonhoso.

  16. I agree, no Johnny Depp as the Beloved Captain Jack Sparrow then there shouldn’t be a Pirates of the Caribbean movie Period. Shame on you Disney for even trying this without him but it’ll be Your loss because I’ll not watch the Stupid movie either cause that’ll be what it is plain stupid without Johnny Depp. Yes He made those movies what they are. SMDH

  17. Eric

    I will not watch zac efron depp or nothing

    1. Dose of Depp had my attention ~ perhaps when they research the views on Disney Channel they will have to change their mind

  18. Diana G


    1. John Doe

      AMEN! Can I please get an Amen from SSomebody? Anybody? Good luck turning a profit on POTC-6 w/o Johnny, I’m out!

  19. Sigurther

    I guess they can scrap their plans of people actually seeing it, then. Depp is the number one reason to see any PotC movie. I sure as hell won’t watch one without him.

  20. Denise

    Depp is the pirate. Don’t lose him.

  21. Cherie

    Depp is the whole movie.
    He made this for Disney.
    Disney would be know where with out him
    Disney HAS made a lot of bad choices lately!!!

  22. Das find ich gar nicht gut!!! Den Film werde ich mir nicht angucken.
    Hoffentlich wird der ein Misserfolg! Es regt mich einfach auf, wie es dazu gekommen ist. Alles nur wegen diesen blöden, falschen Anschuldigungen und weil die immer nur ans Geld denken.

  23. nadia alton

    I will not be watching any more movies of potc without Johnny Depp in them. Shame on Disney.
    I hope his ex wife will be excluded from making more movies. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander..

    1. Bodil

      Disney and WB …… think about this! Johnny have well over 8000000 followers on his Instagram, what do you think wil happen if 8000000 people boycott you!!! Just asking!

  24. No johnny depp i wont go only he can do jack sparrow

  25. Hunter Pack

    Please don’t. We already know everyone who works for Disney is retarded you people have nothing to prove. This will be the worst move Disney has ever made.

  26. Nan

    No Johnny Depp no point in watching. I’m so tired of all these allegations of this or that and when they prove untrue a person’s rep is ruined. Why do people thrive on trash news.

  27. Mama Bear

    My daughter will be truly disappointed! We just watched the entire series and she didn’t like being left hanging. Please do the 6th the right way (with Johnny Depp)!

  28. There’s no jack Sparrow without johnny Depp. It’s a total disgrace for that characters to hire someone. There’s no replace for captain Jack Sparrow aka johnny depp

  29. Laura

    Cant replace johnny depp with anyone theres only 1 jack sparrow and thats jd

  30. Nikki

    Would be devastated to not see anymore POTC movies as they are my absolute favorites! And I would be beyond pissed if Johnny Depp was taken off because of his psychotic ex-wife. Come on Disney, don’t be stupid!

  31. Deandra Neretlis

    I already boycotted when Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley didn’t return in 4, and refused to watch 4 unless 5 brought them back – which they did.

    Get rid of Captain Jack Sparrow – especially for the reasons they are – and you bet like all git-out I’m boycotting Disney altogether.

  32. Jonny4everSparrow

    How they can replace the real jack sparrow just like that because a personal issue that’s not fair!! It’s definitely not gonna be the same without Kiera knightly, johnny depp, & Orlando bloom and have karen gillan??? Like really eww. Zac will never ever be jack sparrow like Johnny( legend). So ridiculous

  33. SupportJohnnyLairAmber

    Just give what the fans want man!! I’m not going to watch a movie with same lame ass actors.. we want Johnny!! We can wait! He is fun!!

  34. Anthony Almaraz

    I would like Johnny Deep be at part 6 pirates cause without him the movie will not be as good as the other ones and I have the collection of pirates it’s my life pirates since I was a kid treasure island was a good movie when I was a kid

  35. Kastein

    Don’t even bother with another Pirates movie. NO DEPP NO MOVIE.

  36. Please bring Johnny Depp back he is a good actor for families he is the best actor I have ever seen flight on the screens he is good for everyone even you Disney.. Love you Johnny Depp.

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