Comments for This Disney FastPass Ornament Glows with Holiday Magic

Disney FastPass Ornament feature photo


  1. Hello and Seasons Greetings from Wisconsin! I’d like to order two of your new Fast Pass Ornaments!!! I’m so excited… please contact me so that I may place my order
    Thank you for the Magic

  2. Chris hart

    How much are they for the U.K.

  3. Kevin J Robinson

    I would buy 2 of each of the fast pass ornaments!!!! Please contact me when they are available!!

  4. Renee

    Would love to order them

  5. How perfect that you found cutouts that perfectly match the stencils. I found it from you for my home decorating. Chalk couture and also vintage prints will certainly style up my old Christmas tree next Christmas. I have always loved villages at Christmas, so this fits right in with that. there are great ornaments for decorating ideas.

  6. Hello and good seasons from Wisconsin! I want to order your two new fast pass jewelry !!! I’m very excited. What a wonderful way to screw people over. I got it from you for my home decor. Chalk couture and vintage prints will also ensure my old Christmas tree next Christmas.

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