Disney CodeIllusion Magically Teaches Coding Skills For All Ages

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If you’re looking for a holiday gift that will continue to reap rewards long into the future, consider one of Disney Codeillusion’s two magical coding education programs.

Credit: Disney CodeIllusion (screenshot ITM)

This service, which promotes the magic within computer programming, provides people of all ages with coding skills that will either allow them to pursue careers in software development and other technology spaces or cultivate meaningful hobbies, such as smartphone application development or video game creation.

These classes help video game enthusiasts learn how to create magical worlds of their own! Disney CodeIllusion is designed to allow learners to take classes at a flexible pace that works for them, all while bringing the magic of Disney to life. This is something that every gamer who wants to create his or her own immersive worlds is sure to enjoy!

baymax big hero 6 codeillusion
Credit: Disney CodeIllusion

Game and tech enthusiasts are likely to especially enjoy the Big Hero 6 project, featuring the lovable Baymax!

Disney Codeillusion offers comprehensive programs that are tailored for both adults and kids.

Adult Disney CodeIllusion Classes

Disney CodeIllusion aims to help adults learn to code by overcoming the unique challenges that impact them in traditional programming classes.

The Disney CodeIllusion website outlines several problems that adult learners often run into when they attempt to learn coding — overly complex classes, a lack of educational support, inflexible programs that result in missed lectures, lack of engagement with instructors and classmates, and difficulty sticking with the courses.

Disney CodeIllusion is specifically engineered to combat all of these issues by using the magic of Disney to teach multiple programming languages!

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Credit: Disney CodeIlusion (screenshot ITM)

In this example [above], beloved characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves are used to teach a learner how to successfully code a jewel puzzle game.

When participants sign up for Disney CodeIllusion, they also receive a physical copy of the Disney Technology School of Magic book [below]. As learners complete their coding “quests,” this textbook will assist them.

codeillusion book
Credit: Disney CodeIllusion

Kids’ Disney CodeIllusion Classes

For children, learning to code at a young age could have long-lasting implications. As the world becomes increasingly more reliant on technology, having coding skills may not be merely an advantage, but a necessity.

Disney CodeIllusion’s website describes the five issues that are most likely to deter a child from learning to code successfully — intimidation regarding the subject matter, frustration that leads to giving-up, parents unsure about the child’s commitment, the cost of coding classes/the family financial situation, concerns about whether or not coding is fun.

As with the adult Disney CodeIllusion courses, Disney has specifically engineered coding classes for kids that are exciting and rife with favorite Disney characters! Boredom certainly won’t be an issue with these magical classes.

Credit: Disney CodeIllusion

Even Elsa’s ice magic makes an appearance in the Disney CodeIllusion coursework [above]! This will delight all kids, especially Frozen loving Princesses!

Children who enroll in Disney’s coding classes will also receive the Technology School of Magic textbook to help them as they become expert computer coders!

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Credit: Disney CodeIllusion

Ready to sign-up?

If you’re ready to register for Disney CodeIllusion yourself or if you want to give a subscription as a gift this Christmas season, make sure you use Inside the Magic’s exclusive discount codes, good through 2021!

  • MAGIC200 – $200 off Disney Codeillusion Enchanted
  • MAGIC100 – $100 off Disney Codeillusion Prime

Disney CodeIllusion Prime is an online-only experience, while Disney CodeIllusion Enchanted offers both virtual and in-person components.

Watch a video about all that Disney CodeIllusion has to offer below:

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