Chef Shares Details About Reopening Dining at California Adventure

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On Thursday, November 19, Disney California Adventure will open its gates once again to Guests. As an extension of Downtown Disney, Disneyland’s second theme park’s Buena Vista Street will open for shopping and dining options.

But those dining options will be changed. For example, Carthay Circle Lounge — Al Fresco Dining will be like sitting in a European sidewalk cafe.

A Disneyland Resort chef shared some details in an interview with the OC Register.

“We literally borrowed tables from some of the other restaurants,” said Cathay Circle chef, Andrew Sutton, culinary director of Signature Restaurants.  “Then we started to get more serious about it, bringing in planters, and gardening, and making it look much more refined. The finished product is beautiful.”

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The menu itself was refreshed by Sutton with the help of Chef Alex Flores, General Manager José Barragan and Assistant Manager Steve Olson. Sutton has collaborated with Flores and Barragan for over 20 years.

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“It really is one of my favorite teams to work with here at the resort,” Sutton said to the OC Register. “We understand each other, we challenge each other to get better, and then we communicate how best to care for a guest.”

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Sutton said Barragan brings panache to the front of the house, while Flores meshes perfectly with Sutton when it comes to cuisine. Olson, on the other hand, is an expert at selecting wines.

“It’s always been a respite, and now with being outside, I think it’s added a whole new dimension,” Sutton said. “It’s just a little lighter, a little fresher. We flew in some onaga today from Hawaii, we still have a great fish program. The lamb is from Colorado, raised on Pike’s Peak on high Alpine grasses that are rich in protein.”

Andrew Sutton
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Sutton said the overall feel of the modified Carthay Circle experience will be “Super casual, refreshing, light and L.A. in style.”

The place is set, the menu is compiled. Now the only thing missing is the most magical ingredient of all: The Guests.

“We love to cook for people,” he said. “There’s a hole in our soul that just isn’t filled when we’re not taking care of people.”

Beginning this Thursday, Buena Vista Street will open daily beginning at 10 am and closing at 8 pm. Carthay Circle Lounge – Al Fresco Dining will be open along with others like Smokejumpers Grill, Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe, Award Wieners, and Trolley Treats.

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