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  1. dl

    I find it hilarious that Newsom pushes the stay safe, can’t reopen certain businesses because covid rates will go up, making people lose their jobs and life savings, but yet he can go out to lunch or dinner with 11 other people who are not a part of his family at a reataurant near his winery dishing out the dollar bills and no consequences happened to him or his family. All he does is apologize and said he should have done better to the news outlets…what an a$$! At this point Disney, Knotts and Universal should be allowed to open without his consent and the laid off workers should be recalled to go back to work. The major loss of jobs fall on Newsom and if he can’t practice what he preaches to everyone else, then the companies at this point have a right to open on their terms.

    1. I feel like WDW protocols have been working well. It’s kind of frustrating they haven’t been able to copy the method over at DLR.

  2. Unite Orlose

    #1. Newsom has been barred from calling anymore shots, since over a month now, by a judge. #2. The PCR test has been proven incapable of detecting an infection and has been giving false readings. #3 I believe it’s these false readings are part of this HOAX of a pandemic. There has been less deaths combined than last year at this time. The media has been LYING as usual. No one in their right mind is planning on taking the vaccine. The dems are going to Gitmo, that’s what’s happening. The game is over for the corrupt career politicians. WE SEE YOU NOW A$$HOLES!

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