Comments for May The ‘Baby Yoda’ Be With You Sweepstakes

May the Baby Yoda be with You Sweepstakes


  1. My favorite meme is “the cutest princess”. #10. So true ! And, I know he’ll be able to rock whatever he wears. My squishy child.

  2. My favorite meme was the one with the pope and baby yoda, I couldn’t stop laughing

  3. Gaye McGill

    #8 (first day at work and a year later) is my favorite although I love them all.

    1. Andrew Chwastek

      My fav baby Yoda me Is the “I’m going back to bed with a cuppa tea”

  4. My Favorite is #5!!! I’ve seen that happen so many times with my kids and husband!!! LOLOLOL

  5. Deborah Davis

    My favorite is #5!! I’m almost 60 and my dad STILL does it!! LOL

  6. Margaret Smith

    I really like #5. I can relate to this one.

  7. Veronica Lee Lindsey

    #7 is my favorite meme.

  8. David M.

    My favorite meme is 13.

  9. #16 is spot on! Getting takeout after doctor appointments was the ultimate! LOL!

  10. Brenda Haines

    #5 is my favorite meme!

  11. Christine Albrecht

    #12, but they were all good!

  12. Tracy

    I liked #8 Me on Saturday vs. me on Monday.

  13. Debbie Welchert

    My favorite Memes is #3: Me high looking at myself in the security camera at CVS.

  14. Amy Hood

    Love the I am the SENATE meme. So funny!

  15. Sheryl Holden

    favorite meme is looking into the CVS security camera

  16. Julie L.

    my favorite is the one about work #17

  17. Ephraim Lee

    #20! It’s been interesting seeing how all my friends handle quarantine.

  18. bill norris

    #7 is my fave.



  20. Nancy Jachcik

    I really like #5. because it is so true!

  21. My favorite is number#22 when your husband has allergies and sneezes in public and everyone stares at you just because it is so true!

  22. Eric Weese

    #4 was my favorite – very funny

  23. Francine Anchondo

    Number 5

  24. Erica

    I love meme #24

  25. Phillip H


  26. Shirley Symon

    I like #19. I am someone with this quarantine

  27. Dawn Keenan

    I love #5. So, so funny!

  28. Kim Cowgar

    #7 is my favorite. Funny (and true…)

  29. Daleene Fox

    #6 is my favorite! LOL

  30. Dolores Miranda

    I love all of the Baby Yoda memes!! #3 is my fave!!!

  31. Stephanie Grant

    Number 5 is so accurate!!!

  32. Annette Broxton

    There’s no way to choose ? I love it all!

  33. Mia Dentice Carey

    My favorite Baby Yoda meme from your list is #8. =)

  34. Venus Tadrzak

    I am an extreme introvert so #20 is my favorite.

  35. Desiree A. Thomas

    Love #7 & #31. How can you pick just one of him. They’re all to cute & funny, but if I have to choose one, it is ***(31)***

  36. Favorite “Child MeMe” is #31, because I Love Disneyland. Who doesn’t Always want to be there roaming around ????

  37. Favorite #31
    Who doesn’t Love Disneyland ?????

  38. Amy

    #2 how old are you? Between 1-500 years old ?

  39. Stephanie Grant

    I love #5

  40. Doreen

    I love the memes!! haha Love the 4th grader appt and comes back with McDonald’s! 🙂

  41. LB

    My face is #5. The same look my son gives me when I tell him to do something… anything lol

  42. Kim Powell

    #7 is me but everyday!

  43. Laura Barrett

    #8 is my favorite! Yay for Saturdays! Boo for Mondays!

  44. Sue E

    As happy as Baby Yoda can be, even he can experience “the Mondays”. Someone get him a plush toy and some “chicken nuggies,” stat!

  45. Jeannie

    in the camera at CVS – so true

  46. Leland Lee

    My Favorite is #5

  47. Candy

    #3 Baby yoda staring at himself at cvs

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