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Holiday Cinderella Castle at night

Walt Disney World Vacation


  1. Ruth Adomeit

    So Awsome to be able to enter and have something to look forward to
    Thank You!!!

  2. This would be a wonderful time.

  3. Gloria Pierce

    This would be a great gift for my grand kids

  4. Brenda G Fernandez

    Losing family friends it’s nice to dream about something other than politics, virus, and hate entering takes me to my happy place

  5. Sharon Flowers

    I would love to enter. Tell me where and how. Being on disability doesn’t give you much money so this would be a dream come true.

    1. The entry form is at the bottom of the announcement article. Enter your email address, first and last name and click the green “Enter” button. GOOD LUCK

  6. Dawn Anne Drouillard

    What if you are a family of 5? Is there a way to pay for the additional child if you win?

    1. YES! If you win, you’ll get a travel certificate from our sponsor, Academy Travel, for the 4 people. When you go to book the trip, Academy Travel will be able to add the additional person for the going rate at that time! Let me know if you have any other questions and GOOD LUCK!

  7. D. Davis

    Just curious… do everyone’s entries start over every day? Are they suppose to accumulate? Just curious because my start over! I LOVE THIS CONTEST!

    1. Yes, your entries accumulate in the system and you just see the daily totals. I just double checked and your bonus entries are showing in the system! Good luck!

  8. Angela

    This is exciting to think that iI may have a chance to take my grandchildren on a vacation like this. My grandpa/ma Jones traveled with their grandkids by RV to CA. Disneyland. Happy memories

  9. Betsy

    If you win, by what date does the trip have to be completed?

    1. The trip will need to be completed by December 31, 2021. Good luck!

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