We have a 2319! It’s a George Sanderson Holiday Stocking!

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2319! We have a 2319!

Call the CDA from Monsters Inc. on this adorable new holiday decoration from Park Candy. Inspired by the loveable orange and yellow monster, George Sanderson, this Christmas stocking is everything we’ve wanted in a deep movie cut. It’s on preorder right now over at Park Candy for an early price of $30, and will ship soon… so get to work make sure you’ve got the energy to cover it!

 2319 George Sanderon Stocking

George Sanderson 2319 stocking
Credit: Park Candy

Park Candy’s website gives a full description of the new holiday stocking, and if you’re a Monsters Inc. fan, you’re sure to get a SCREAM out of reading it.

“Attention all CDA employees, please dispatch decontamination officers to the scream floor immediately. George Sanderson appears to have come in contact with the object on the eve of a human holiday. We must remove Immediately!”

2319 stocking
Credit: Park Candy

The “2319” logo from the scare floor’s CDA call sign is fully embroidered onto the fuzzy faux fur stocking lip. Fluff up the surrounding polyester George Sanderson fur and you’ve got a monster that’s fearful of being decontaminated…. again! The stocking measures 21.5-inches long and offers a top 9-inch wide opening.

The mini sock on top of George’s back is fully functional, too! Slip candies or tiny surprises into the sock for extra fun on Christmas morning!

george sanderson double stocking
Credit: Park Candy

The descriptive caption for the Insta post by Park Candy (@shopparkcandy) reads,


We’ve got a 2319 Stocking – brand new item in the shop based on everyone’s favorite monster moment! Not only is the stocking fully functional, but the lil’ sock on the front is functional as well.

The stocking is made with a soft fleece cuff, layered high-pile faux fur, top tier embroidery, and an adorable mini “contaminated” sock sewn on top.

Check out the stories very soon for a detailed overview of the stocking. We have been working on this stocking for 2 solid years and are happy to finally bring it to you! Product photography by Raven Daria of @magicalifestyle”


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park candy stocking
Credit: Park Candy

Need more George Sanderson fun in your life? Check out this cool Disneybound of the monster in peril. The George Sanderson Disneybound is comprised of a few colorful yet inexpensive pieces that bring the monster to life! Just make sure the CDA doesn’t get you!

George Sanderson Disneybound

george sanderson disneybound 2319
Credit: RedheadBabyMama.com

What would you load into your George Sanderson stocking this holiday? Leave us a comment below!

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