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Wolfgang Puck Express with a Closed Sign


  1. Sara

    Noooooo!!!!! It was our FAVORITE place for breakfast 🙁 And the new Puck restaurant doesn’t have a breakfast menu. So sad.

  2. Matt

    Maybe they should have kept the nightclubs which were the best around rather than worthless overpriced restaurants and outrageous shopping only the 1 percent could enjoy I don’t visit much often but the clubs always gave me reason to come . Long live mannequins! Very stupid move.

  3. Mary

    Wolfgang Express you can’t close permanently… we’ve been at your restaurant for years and was our favorite place every time we came To DTD now Disney Springs.: we ate there for your Mac and cheese.. butternut squash soup, pizza, rosemary chicken, some of our favs! You are an Iconic place for thousands of fans.. please come back it isn’t the same without you there! Every meal there was amazing breakfast lunch and dinner. Don’t let Covid take one more thing away.. we literally cried when we saw no sign or a line of people waiting to get in! We want you back.. how can we help get you back?? Adoring Fans for Life!!

  4. Really missed eating at Wolfgang Puck Express on our last trip. We usually eat there at least twice. Their pizzas are so good! Please reconsider closing this location for good.

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