Comments for Hilarious ‘Be Our Guest’ Parody Reminds Everyone to ‘Wear a Mask’

Wear A Mask parody video

Credit: Noah Lindquist


  1. Mike

    I can’t believe Disney Cast Members approve of this injustice to a Magical song. Come on, grow up! I realize it’s only their opinion but for a minute do you think I can share this with my grandchildren? What is the real purpose behind the song?

    1. Tamara

      As a parody, it’s really cute. As sending a message, it’s great! WEAR A MASK

  2. Sammie

    This is so IDIOTIC!!!
    Wearing masks needs to disappear ASAP!!
    This does not need to be a way of life.
    Disney would be totally against all that WDW is doing.
    This “virus” has a 99% survival rate! It can’t even live outside the host. Most people don’t even know they have it.
    The flu is more deadly and we never have masked up for it.
    Walt Disney World needs its smiles back!
    This fear is totally out of control. How did man kind survive all these years before modern medicine?
    People now a days are such wussies!!! It’s incredible.
    If you are that scared of a “virus” that’s kills less people than the flu, STAY HOME!!!!
    WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!!!!!!

    1. Tina

      Beautifully written.Thank You for taking the time to say what should be said.This Parody is sad it’s so not for children and disgusting being in a Disney children’s song.The Pandemic has caused people to become paranoid and confused and has given the wrong people to much personal power.

      1. Sammie

        Thank you!
        You are so right!
        People are so incredibly paranoid now It’s pathetic.
        If they are scared little babies, then they should stay in their homes and not come out.

    2. Paul

      That’s amazing. Every single thing you said is factually, provably incorrect.

      It’s already killed almost 4x as many people in the US as the *worst* flu year in modern history. Mortality rate is 2% to 3% in the US. Much higher in some countries. It’s the 3rd leading cause of death in the country. And does the flu have a chance of leaving you with a damaged heart, or immune system, or diabetes?

      Turn off Fox and spend some time at the CDC website.

      1. Sammie

        First off, the CDC lied about the numbers of deaths by COVID and the cases. My moms bosses parents supposedly got and when they got tested 3 times, it was positive, negative and positive. They counted that as 6 cases for 2 people.
        The hospitals make more money if you have to be treated for it. A coworker of mine who had it told me herself how much more it costs if you are diagnosed with COVID.
        The CDC put the 99% percent survival rates up about 3 weeks ago.
        All this was just to see how mindless people are. People will do what they are told like good little brainwashed sheep.
        This is my opinion. NOBODY can change my mind on this!
        DO NOT REPLY AGAIN!!!!’
        I’m done with idiots!!
        Tina, your cool!!

        1. Jeremy I

          Your mom’s boss’s parents? Really. Well, my friend’s brother-in-law’s neighbor’s pet groomer said that you’re wrong. EXTREMELY wrong. Nobody wants you to change your mind. Darwin will help take care of that for us.

  3. Valerie Duarte

    This was so on point, it should be the theme song for 2020!!!

  4. Paul

    Perfectly done! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  5. Mark

    The video contains both vulgarity and hate speech. If only this tremendous talent (truly) could be used for something honorable and useful.

    Regardless, I agree wearing a mask is one of our primary, known protections again covid. And, right or wrong, Disneyland will never open without masks (at this time).

  6. Laura

    Ok this is just NOT OK! The hate speech in this just adds to the division in our country right now! Not everyone that wears a mask does so because they believe the virus is the worst thing ever. Some of us wear it for others around us may be at risk, and it is recommended! However we do not all believe that everything that comes out of ‘the experts’ mouths are golden and above all else. This is an unknown virus everyone is learning as we go.

  7. Janine

    Love this!!!! Great job!!!!!

  8. Erica Mueller

    It’s a splendid parody of which both Noah Lindquist, its young creator, and Disney should be justly proud. I hope Mr. Lindquist will make a PG version that can be used in elementary schools and as a televised PSA. Children urging their adult family members to follow CDC guidelines can improve compliance rates.
    Disney, help make this happen!

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