Comments for Universal Studios Hollywood Has Laid Off 7,000 Employees So Far


Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood


  1. J

    I am a Universal Hollywood employee, and let me make it very clear that me, and most of my coworkers, are relieved by the guidelines because we don’t want to be forced back to work in unsafe conditions. They absolutely do not *have* to lay anyone off (they’re not paying us currently anyway), and if they are it is not the fault of the governor, it’s the fault of universal executives who are continuing to bring in pretty sweet paychecks for themselves. Please do not support reopening the parks too early. You are not supporting the workers, you’re supporting the corporation that is exploiting the workers by trying to force us into an unsafe workplace.

  2. Sher

    I am a team member that was laid off. I miss going to work at USH. It has been closed for too long. I have my name on the rehire list and am praying to be called back soon. I loved working at USH.

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