The Child Pram Purse Launches from Danielle Nicole

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Din Djarin himself would be impressed with the design of this new crossbody bag by Danielle Nicole. The Child Pram purse is styled to look like The Child (or as we know him, Baby Yoda) in his space-age stroller. The bag features hinged construction and is too cute for words! Your chance to shop for the bag is coming very soon… Today, Monday, October 26th is the release!

 The Child Pram Purse

Retailing for $78.00, this pram purse is so unique! Opening and closing much like an earthly pillbug or armadillo, the bag’s shell rotates and snaps shut at the top. When in the open position, the bag resembles The Child’s floating pram, drawn behind Mando.

the child pram purse open
Credit: Danielle Nicole

Find The Child Pram purse for sale at 11 am EST on Monday, October 26th only on!  It’s sure to draw tons of Disney Fans and Star Wars fans.

This week marks the Season 2 premiere of The Mandalorian, only on Disney+. The spaghetti western set in outer space was an instant family hit, and fans adored the cutely engineered Baby Yoda. The pram purse offers a Baby Yoda/The Child charm pendant that you can either display or set neatly into his outer space stroller.

danielle nicole charm
Credit: Danielle Nicole

The crossbody strap is wide and comfortable looking, offering some Star Wars wording on the outside edge. The white font almost looks to say “The Child!”

aurebesh strap star wars the child bag
Credit: Danielle Nicole

There are other The Child bags available on Danielle Nicole right now! Take a look at both the full size fuzzy backpack and the adorable character crossbody bag below.

The Child Crossbody Bag for $68.00

Tiny, cute, and glittery. Almost how we’d describe the child ourselves. This long strapped crossbody purse is enough for a night on the town (or galaxy). This bag is already available on “If you’re seeking a little sparkle wherever you go, look no further than our brand new, limited edition The Child Crossbody. The cutest creature from a galaxy far far away is brought to life through the usage of metallic details, glitter, and faux shear ling mixed materials.  This crossbody is the perfect buddy to hold your cellphone and key essentials for your day on the go! The interior contains a slip pocket.” – Danielle Nicole

danielle nicole the child crossbody bag
Credit: Danielle Nicole

The Child Backpack by Danielle Nicole for $78.00

A full-size option from the highly-sought bag maker, this Baby Yoda The Child backpack can carry all your bounty during your next trip. This bag is already available on “With our brand new, limited edition The Child backpack, you can pretend to be the Madolorian carrying your favorite character. This backpack features a soft shimmer suede with glitter and shearling trim collar. This backpack will bring a smile to your face and give you the confidence to take on the galaxy.” – Danielle Nicole

The child full size backpack on model by danielle nicole
Credit: Danielle Nicole

Are you snagging The Child Pram purse for your Star Wars Collection? You can surely pack all the frogs you can eat inside… or maybe just theme park accessories while you sip a Baby Yoda Frappuccino in your The Child Spirit Jersey!

Leave us a comment about your thoughts on the newest The Child accessory to hit digital shelves! 

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