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  1. N

    One correction- face shields can be worn, but you still have to wear a mask under it.

  2. Manny

    Thank you Disney. When I went in July there were 98 assorted “nose peepers” and “chin strappers” across all three parks we visited. Just a personal mental count I kept. The park staff to their credit was constantly telling people they needed to wear their masks properly.

    When we went in September the staff seemed “exhausted” with the countless crowds who decided they would rebel at every turn.

    Personally living in Miami which has the highest numbers in all of “Floriduh” due to incredible amount of ignorance, Disney’s strict policies and standards have provided a respite from COVID.

    You do not have to come to Disney, you can stay home. If you do, wearing a mask is mandatory. This is not about politics it is about science.

    1. Kary

      “You do not have to come to Disney, you can stay home.” LOL, that applies to you. If you’re so scared and believe a piece of cloth will protect you from the virus, please stay at home, indefinitely, under the desk, with a mask/Petri dish on your face 😉

  3. prince charming

    I will not patronize Disney until the mask mandate is eliminated.

    1. Davis

      it will not be for a long time! Its the rules did you have a problem following them before i bet you didnt! just do not go so the rest of us are safe!

    2. Nick

      I agree it’s ridiculous! Wearing them outside while huffing and puffing in Florida’s humidity is insane!

  4. Nick

    Vacationing next month in my hometown and I Will Not be visiting Disney until the mask mandate is lifted. When you can’t remove them outside even when no one else is around to take pictures it’s not about the virus ? This is political posturing at best and only about compliance.

  5. Zedapiroca

  6. Kary

    I really hope Disney will lose money over their insane abusive policies. My family and friends absolutely will NOT participate in your mask wearing rituals!
    Bye bye, I’ll be giving my $$$ to a nice small business instead.

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