Comments for Model For Disney’s Snow White Passes Away at 101

marge champion


  1. Thomas

    What very sad news! I know at 101 she has lived a long full life but any age is still sad! I’m thankful for her legacy she’s leaving behind, one of the originals who helped start it all. Rest in Peace dear lady, there’s a Prince waiting to kiss you awake in heaven!

  2. EricJ

    And, of course, being the dance reference model for Snow White means Marge was also the dance reference model for “Robin Hood”‘s Maid Marian, but let’s not go into that…

  3. Lucille Aliperti

    I met Marge a few years ago when she was in her mid-90’s. We were hosting an event in Brooklyn with her present for a viewing of Keep Dancing, a documentary about her career and that of her friend, Donald Saddler. What a beautiful human being! I will treasure that day I spent with her always. Now she is dancing among the stars in the heavens.

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