Comments for Josh D’Amaro Comforts Disney Cast Members Following Layoffs

Credit: Josh D'Amaro on Instagram


  1. alfred

    Having layoffs but is Disney still going to give Ksspernack a contract? It’s been proven he is anti police. what will he support rioting?

    1. Mario

      The only people to blame are Gavin Newsom and his drunk aunt Nancy.

  2. dave

    i think it totally stinks that all of us are furloughed,think more on what you are doing sir,many will suffer from this stupud descision,and all of Florida,stupid,stupid,stupid.im off of work,hope this dosent effect my coming back,ill tell you the truth nomatter the results agaimst me

  3. Fran

    I just can’t believe they can’t do something The guests want to come back to the parks They should extend the hours at the parks guest would love to go even late nights without kids Florida has gone to phase 3 now And wave the 2 yr olds to 5 from wearing a mask that is why a lot of guest are not coming a 2 yr old will not leave a mask on if you have little ones you know this
    I am heart broken to leave the company

    1. Mario

      Blame Gavin Newsom. That prick won’t let them open.

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