Comments for Gov. Vetoes Bill That May Give Laid Off CMs a Chance at Their Jobs Again

disneyland cast member

Credit: Disneyland Cast and Community


  1. Michelle

    Why would Governor Hairgel care about these workers? He’s rich and doesn’t give a darn about us little people.

  2. TD

    I hope that those living in CA wisen up and start paying attention to who and what they vote for. Many of the individuals that got laid off likely voted for Newsom, and the man they voted for let them down and continues to let them down tenfold. Pay attention before blindly checking a box. So many people are now realizing that it can substantially impact their lives.

    1. PekaFisherman

      I didn’t vote for gruesome newscum, and my family has been impacted by this prolonged furlough. For myself, it was a second job, (the fun job), that paid for gas and groceries for my family. For my son, it was a place where he had fun with his fellow cast members, while they worked.
      Curiously enough, my union suddenly removed the copy of our contract from their website, which had everyone’s name and hire date, FT or CR status, so we couldn’t start to figure out who would likely get the termination letters. Pretty sneaky on their part, despite their claim that nobody is safe.

  3. IIRC, the veto can be overridden if there is enough support.

  4. Michelle D

    I’m confused. Isn’t Newsome a democrat? Given his response for protecting the working class, why campaign for more democrats? Seems counter-productive? TBH, though, I really am mad that politics have ANYTHING to do with the travel /hospitality industry. I think I am done with both parties. Nothing is “fun” about any political “party.” Can we please go back to news stories such as “Disney will be adding a new cupcake to the parks?” (I know, we need a lot of faith, hope and pixie dust for that reality in CA, but it CAN happen.)

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