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Sleeping Beauty Castle

Credit: Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort


  1. Bob

    Newsom is a tyrant and needs to be removed.

    1. Lance

      Tyrant and garbage… all Disney Parks are open except here. No problems operating the other parks. This guy is the real dictator.

    2. Ash

      Lack of theme park access does not equal “Tyranny”.

  2. Darth Pence

    How dare he try to protect the health and lives of the citizens who elected him! And during a global pandemic nonetheless!!

    1. Chris

      If you believe this has anything to do with health and safety, I have several bridges to sell you.

    2. Maria

      lol darth pence you really are a clueless individual! bahhh bahhh

    3. Tim

      Hahaha good one. This has to be sarcasm because nobody could actually believe this.

  3. Eilene

    To presume that he’s doing this to keep us healthy is ridicules. More likely to take away our personal freedoms. I don’t know about most but I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself and family. Quarantining the healthy doesn’t do anyone any good.

  4. Chris

    Honestly, I don’t think Newsom is being realistic here, if businesses stay shut down that long, California’s economy will never recover. Honestly, if it is going to be that long, the best bet for those of us that live in California is to begin looking for jobs outside the state and that makes me very sad.

    Luckily, there is the very real possibility that his entire order will be declared illegal, not saying it will, but it is a possibility in an upcoming trial, if the ruling goes completely in favor of Newsom, there are going to be major issues that will affect everyone in the state ultimately.

  5. JB

    Funny how the Newsom has no issue allowing his own winery to be open for tours during all of this.

  6. Marz M

    The science he says? I walked around Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga this past Saturday and it was literally just as crowded as Disneyland. Elbow to elbow with everyone. Just open the state already!!

  7. I completely agree! But they not only need to open for guests, they need to open for the economy. Workers had to get laid off because they couldn’t pay them anymore. And the splash mountain re theme can’t get cancelled since its OFFICIAL that they are going to change it.

  8. TD

    Anyone that still believes he’s doing this for “health and safety” needs to have their heads checked. It’s time for the businesses of CA to stand up and get this man taken out of office. He’s single handedly putting the state into a position that it will never recover from. Many businesses that could have already fled the state.

  9. John M

    Move it out of Cali

  10. Traci

    WTH with this guy? He is off his rocker. Can’t he be removed for being insane? CA was already in trouble before the pandemic hit. I’m starting to think his goal is complete economic destruction of CA. I feel so sorry for California.

    1. Laurie

      Starting to think? He flat out stated early on, on TV, that he would use this pandemic for political purposes. It’s one of the few times he’s opened his mouth that he wasn’t lying.

  11. Caroline RN

    What? He has a winery and it’s crowded with people elbow to eyeball??
    I’m so sick of hearing about the elected officials, a lot of them in California being hypocrites. Why isn’t his winery closed like Disneyland? Politics are becoming despicable.
    I’m so sorry for California.
    It’s not run very well.
    I’m usually never political on social media or really anywhere except at home!
    But enough is enough.

  12. This guy needs to be pushed out of office asap. He is a controlling idiot who is using his so called power unlawfully. He disgusts me in every aspect. He is killing the lives of Californians… Wake up people who back him. I am glad I left that state. All other Disney parks are operating just fine, this has nothing to do with health and safety, wake up people.

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