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Gov. Newsom Disney World


  1. SM

    So Newsom sent a team(s) to see the open parks and how they handle the crowds. A couple of questions, 1) Is said team(s) under quarantine since they were potentially exposed visiting a working state? 2) Did the same CA taxpayers who can’t work pay for this team(s) vacation, I mean research trip? If I lived in CA these would be questions I would ask myself when deciding which leaders to vote for next month. Glad I live in another state because I don’t have toi move to try to live my life. Wishing everyone in CA the best of luck in the next few weeks.

  2. Van Hamlin

    Governor Newsom has become the American Inchon for Fascism. Like the Red Chinese goevernment, he has used the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to hold Californians hostage. There was a time when his actions were justified because we didn’t have much factual information about this disease but hose days have come and gone. California needs to get businesses open because Californians need income and the self respect that comes from work.

    The state needs the tax revenue it has been missing since January. The entire west coast of the USA must go back to whatever the new normal is. Disneyland is just one example of businesses that can symbolize our successful struggle against this disease.

  3. prince charming

    It is pretty embarrassing when you have to go to Florida to find out how a real Governor runs his state. The governor of Connecticut is another who could learn how to operate a state.

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