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frozen fan fest

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  1. Davis

    you all really do not get it this is just another union fight disney has no control over! Disney is fighting for the jobs of many union is not! But you also must realize wo income theres no money to pay these employees… they are temp or part time cm anyway they matter less then full time cms disney cant afford to loose! Why dont you get this also complaining ent is out of wrk is a waste they are hired by equity not disney! They have more important things to worry about along w disney gave them an option while some took it some decided home was safer! Many are thats not being laid off thats knowing theres more to life then the almighty $ and if you do not think it is well then enjoy that hell you live in! And please enough itm w the relentless articles making disney or any park (same union same problem) look like the bad guys its the catch 22 world we live in and i am sick of its all anyone could talk about your a fansite for disney and i never read so much negativity towards them! No support cms some i know just told the company f you when they called to ask them to come back to wrk disney doesnt need those folks on staff! While others like a few new security folks i met love their jobs and just got a bonus bc their managers love the wrk their doing.

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