Comments for Could ‘Finding Nemo: The Musical’ Return Soon?

Finding Nemo: The Musical

Credit: Disney


  1. Save Disney Performers

    OK. I will say it. This story is bullsh*t. NOT one shred of truth in it.
    As someone who knows a LOT of out of work entertainers at WDW, this kind of reporting is reckless and just plain cruel. We have been waiting for MONTHS for any word from Disney, and when an article like this gets written and printed, it gives us false hope.
    Shame on you.

    1. lydia

      equity also has broadway to consider so wdw ent isnt 1st priority nor should it be! Also nemo is a cast of 30+ and most have been let go or rather be safe at this pt N care for their families and loved ones plus guests… thats a massive show indoors heck no should it open!

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