Pooches on Parade at Disney Springs

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dogs in disney costumes

Bow wow! We’re howling for this recent special pooch parade at Disney Springs. Dapper dogs in Disney costumes show us their Halloween spirit! Disney took nine canines to Disney Springs to put paws on the black carpet, just in time for Halloween. The #DisneyMagicMoments at Disney Springs is everything we need right now in our lives!

As the Disney Parks Blog put it, “Sit back and enjoy our special look at the ulti-mutt Disney fashions for our furry friends.” This was a special occasion and photoshoot for Disney; as a reminder, only service dogs are allowed at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort.

golden retriever dressed as woody
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Dogs in Disney Costumes

Most of the puptacular costumes are available on shopDisney.com and we’ll link them below. You can also find them at World of Disney at Disney Springs and Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort, or perhaps at select Disney Stores in your area.  First up is Disney’s first Princess, the classic Snow White! Dogs of all sizes are featured in this Snow White costume, complete with red satin bow  and elegant yellow skirt.

snow white disney dog costume
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Winnie the Pooh is looking quite grumpy in this shot, most likely because he’s out of treats! The Pooh Bear Costume for dogs has a full hood for cool climates, and it looks awfully cute! Tut Tut! It looks like cuteness overload!

grouchy dog dressed as pooh bear
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Who’s never wrong, but always right? Who’d never dream of starting a fight? Who’s the guy with all of that luck? No one, but Donald Duck! This two piece Donald Duck costume for dogs has this white whiskered buddy looking sharp!

donald duck costume dog
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

This hot pink Disney Princess dress for dogs is actually a comfy harness! Snag the Disney Princess look at shopDisney.com in various sizes.

minnie mouse harness for dogs
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

To Infinity and Beyond!! A teeny weenie prances in a Buzz Lightyear costume from Toy Story at Disney Springs, and while Woody may say he’s not a toy… he’s a toy sized breed!

buzz lightyear disney dog costume
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

This is the Halloween bounty you’re looking for! Of all the Dogs in Disney costumes, this MIGHT be our favorite. The Child dog costume from The Mandalorian is complete with frog snack! It’s been the year’s biggest streaming hit, so naturally we’ve got to have this costume for our pup!

dogs in disney costumes baby yoda
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

I’ll be your host… your Ghost Host! This classy and easy to wear Ghost Host harness is a slip-on costume that can be used all year long! Disney Parks fans from all over the world will recognize this green frock on your furry friend! This is typically available on shopDisney.com, but it looks like it’s popular and has sold out. Hopefully, it materializes again later!

costume harness dog haunted mansion
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Keep it classy and simple with a set of  rose gold Minnie ears for dogs  and a pink harness. You can easily evoke our favorite stylish Mouse with this iconic silhouette!

golden retriever as minnie mouse ears
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Just think of a wonderful thought… any happy little thought! This golden haired beauty is a perfect Tinker Bell in a green harness style dress, complete with wings and a top knot bun that matches her ears!

dog dressed as tinker bell
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Aren’t you a little short for a canine? Princess Leia of Star Wars rescues herself from haunted houses in this iconic outfit, complete with curly hair bun headpiece! Find the Princess Leia dog costume online!

dogs in disney costumes leia
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

This perfect pooch is dressed as Goofy (an essential Disney character), though it didn’t want to keep the hat on! You can see it’s owner golding the droopy eared hat in the top corner! It’s ok, pup… you’re still Goofy to us! The Goofy Costume for dogs is a great choice for any season.

dogs in disney costumes goofy
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

If your pooch or pet is dressing up this year, you can share your #DisneyMagicMoments of dogs in Disney costumes on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, etc) using the aforementioned hashtag, as well as the season addition: #DisneyHalloMoments!

Leave us a comment below with what Halloween costume your dog (or cat) will be wearing this fall season!

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