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  1. Wait until 2021 or 2025.

  2. Brett

    So their response towards gov newsom’s stance on reopening during a global pandemic is to throw an in person rally outside of the business that wants to open?????? I don’t get it. I think this is more part of the problem than part of the solution :/

  3. Adam

    Hmmm. I gave reopening some thought. Our numbers are good here in California. I don’t want out-of-state tourists to ruin our numbers. Keep it closed for a while longer, please.

    1. Anthony

      Hmmm, I’ve given it some thought too. People need to get back to work and it’s been proven at every other Disney park that they can open safely. Just because they open doesn’t mean that you have to go. If you’re so worried, just stay home hidden under your bed.

  4. Donna

    If I didn’t live over four hundred miles away I’d be there everyday in support. I read what the governor wanted to implement and was appalled. I get 25% capacity and masks. Being in the yellow tier means practically no covid which is unrealistic. But to say you have to be within 120 miles of Disneyland to go is going to far. If he or anyone else wants to live in a bubble they can. That man and his paranoia is going to close Disneyland and bankrupt the state.

  5. Leeann Jacket

    I wish I could be there but I live in Colorado. I visited Downtown Disney & felt safer there because everyone was wearing masks & social distancing. There were also hand sanitizers & hand washing stations. To say only locals can go is ridiculous, other States have much lower cases than California & many people practice safety first, like my family.

  6. J.

    I don’t think that Disney will ever realistically pull out of the state of CA, but at this point they have to be sorely tempted regarding the rumor of moving Disneyland to TX. This is a travesty. The company has clearly proven after months now, that the precautions they take work at keeping people safe. Not a single outbreak tied to the twenty largest amusement parks in the US. For Newsom to ignore the science on this proves it is nothing more than a political move. It is a shame the workers of CA have to pay the price for his arrogance. The best thing the voters can do is make him unemployed next month.

  7. Emily

    Please don’t do this. Gathering large crowds on Disney property isn’t going to help there case that people will respect health standards if Disneyland were to open. Also managing y’all’s behavior will be a extra unnecessary burden on Disney staff.

  8. PJ O'Donaghue

    Several of my friends with the virus will be going to this rally in solidarity with the people also suffering from the virus. I’m not joking.

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