Comments for OpEd: It’s Time for Disneyland to File a Lawsuit to Reopen



  1. EricJ

    So, you’re saying they should re-open because Elon Musk was being nutty again?

  2. Jones

    If they should sue, I would never visit Disneyland again, period. We´re in the midst of a global pandemic, and this is not the time to open Theme Parks. I am a Disney shoreholder, so I am as interested in the financial health of Disney as anybody, but to open Disneyland is just plain wrong.

    1. Melissa

      I’m with you Jones! Who cares about all those people who lost their jobs! We’re in the middle of a global pandemic that has claimed the lives of .015% of the worlds population. And if you get this “deadly” virus you have a little over 98% chance of surviving. It’s just too dangerous to open right now.

      1. Sabrina Slater

        So you’re saying who cares about people going homeless or being able to feed their kids? It’s ok because only the pandemic will kill and hurt people right now.

        1. Melissa

          It’s called sarcasm, I can’t believe you can’t see that 🙂

    2. Chris

      So the fact that theme parks all over the world have safely reopened without a single case tied to being transmitted within any theme park I the world means nothing?

      I hope Disney does sue, if for no other reason than to keep the people who say they would never go again away, it will help reduce crowds after they are able to reopen at full capacity.

      Oh and with a very small number getting infected and then a small number of those dying, this is not a pandemic, never was.

    3. Corey

      LOL Jones! Nobody is saying to open up the parks because we’re all worried about the financial health of a multi-billion dollar company! People need to get back to work and get back to some sort of normal life. If we’ve learned anything the last 6 months its that this virus is nowhere near as dangerous as originally thought.

    4. D

      Then don’t. Disney is being treated unfairly and the fact is that they enforce safety guidelines more than any other business. Stay home if you are scared. People need to get back to work and our economy needs to resume

    5. Kelly Connerton

      Why? Those who are concerned wont go. 28000 employees just got permanently laid off because of all of this. I am tired of people whin iij ng because people want venues open. If you are scared, dont go.

    6. Vivian

      Then don’t go and hide in your house for the rest of the pandemic. Chances of a vaccine by 2021 are slim, and some experts think there may never BE a vaccine. If that scenario occurs, what are we supposed to do? Become hermits for the rest of our lives? No one should have to live like that. The other parks have opened and have had virtually no cases tied to them; Disneyland can do it, too.

      Also it seems that everyone who disagrees with the author didn’t even read the whole article. They AREN’T some Disney fanatic whose “main goal is to ride a flying elephant.” They care about the THOUSANDS of people who have lost their job and are struggling to survive financially.

      Yes, it’s horrible that people are dying from this virus, but we have to learn to (safely) live with it.

  3. Alyssa

    Disney please sue him, overthrow the dictator.

  4. Ally

    Ummm, yeah… this article coming from a grown adult who’s main goal in life is apparently to ride on a flying elephant or to pretend that they’re a pirate sailing the Caribbean. Absolutely hilarious. Just maybe you should stop trying to sound as though you’re intelligent and stick to what you know… believing in magic.

    1. Sabrina Slater

      You’re a idiot. You obviously did not read all of this. They are concerned about the people that will go homeless, unable to feed their kids and the small businesses dying because of all this. Learn to read before speaking like a neanderthal.

  5. Stephan

    And what is your goal, Ally? This is much more than people wanting to go on rides. I don’t know anyone who has died from COVID, but I know 6 people who are unemployed and struggling to survive.

  6. Eddie

    This is a ridiculously irresponsible view. Disneyland should reopen when The Walt Disney Company believes it’s safe enough to allow its own corporate employees to work from their offices. As long as Disney thinks there’s substantial risk for its executives to stay home from work, they should not expose their “lower-level” employees (who they seem to disdain) and park guests to increased risk. Beyond that, the pandemic has not only failed to slow down, it has worsened.

    1. Damion

      Hey Eddie just to get you up to speed here . . . the Walt Disney Company does believe it’s safe enough to go back to work which is why EVERY Disney park in the world is open except for Disneyland and California Adventure.

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