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Gavin Newsom in a suit and tie


  1. Dunnmovin

    Newsom Will probably allow the park to open up the election. All politics. Disney World in Orlando it’s been open for a long time and there’s absolutely no problems here.

    1. MrsWeasleysTwin

      @Dunnmovin I agree.

  2. Ken

    He’s waiting for after the election. Heck, we’ve all seen what control Democrat governors have done to their states. Total control, but they allow riots and looting. This guy doesn’t care about health. Dems have said “It’s ok if some people loose their jobs”. AOC. They just want to try to hurt the economy because they have nothing to run on. Vote them out. All of them.

    1. Bev

      couldn’t agree More — this is ALL Political !

    2. Gina

      Agreed! If Disney were to sue I think he’ll get his ass handed to him. But, right now, he is being sued by his own legislators of over stepping his executive powers. Evidently he has forgotten his own branch of government and they have not been allowed to legislate aka do their job over many parts of this whole thing. I hope they win.

  3. Thomas

    They will have to threaten a lawsuit like in Ohio for them to reopen. It will take Cedar Fair, Six Flags, Disney and Sea World parks to threaten a joint lawsuit to reopen them. If a court rules in Newsome’s favor, they will be waiting until Summer 2021 when a vaccine Is widely available to reopen.

  4. Hi
    I know Disney land needs to do something to open go to President Trump
    He can open up Disney land get that California governor out of office

  5. Matt

    LOL, I like how Inside the Magic is the Fox News hub of Disney news.

    San Francisco is in tier yellow now, so if Orange County maybe followed health mandates from the beginning, maybe they would not be in the Red tier. I know its fun for the loudest people online to blame government, but maybe look inward, and think about if you were doing enough to control the spread since March….

    And with the pandemic affecting all businesses dealing with the public – stores, restaurants, parks, etc., they have had to adapt with the changing times, or face closing down. Disneyland has not really done anything except open up downtown disney. If they wanted to, they could have come up with more creative ways to get people to at least the exterior parts of their parks, and offer some sort of different experience, to bring in at least a little more revenue. Knotts Berry farm has offered their food even for months now, and its extremely popular. So if Disneyland wanted to do a least a little more, they could…

    So ya, not always the governors fault lol…

    1. Christian Wensel

      Apart from Downtown Disney. The DLR does not really have any infrastructure for food preparation areas near parking lots where they could copy the Knotts model. The lots on the north side of the DLR hotel have to many trees/curbs leaves to ensure meaningful sanitation for the food preparation/reheating. The Toy Story, Pumpa and M&F/PP structure would not really work either. DTD is sadly as good as they can really get. Unless they figure out how to rezone Main Street and Buena vista street as part of DTD so they can have much higher capactiy and seal off the rest of the park.

  6. Christian Wensel

    What is CA going to do about its skyrocketing unemployment numbers and debt? The Federal Government (Democrat or Republican) isn’t going to keep handing out blank checks to the states that put no effort into reopening. Reopening has already begun safely in many states across the country Disney and Universal are not the only companies capable implementing safety protocols. Small operations are not going to have the money/staff/infrastructure to contact trace, sanitize every hour, keep social distance in their facilities all while doing this on the revenue of 25% capacity. My heart goes out to all the employees who want to work who can’t or heaven forbid will be laid off. All innocent victims of Newsom power grab.

  7. You know folks it’s NOT just Theme Parks affected by Newsoms Guide lines, all those businesses all around each of those parks are very much affected as well. Thousands of people are facing more hardship and more then likely loose everything and become homeless. Newsom showed his true colors he doesn’t care about the people or the Economy. Theme Parks should take Legal Action and the people should stand together and get this guy OUT of office!!!!

  8. Joe

    Dear OC residents. Just DON’T take the covid19 test then there will be ZERO covid19 case in OC, then we can open up everything.

    1. Gina

      That’s the key. But too many are scared not to. I’ve been sick during this and all I did was take antibiotic. No test.

  9. Gina

    I think regardless of opening dates, Disney and all the businesses surrounding the park that have lost revenue since July ( 90 days for an “emergency” order of closedown and masking is plenty) should sue for that lost revenue. Would be a mind boggling amount of money. He’s rich, let him see what it’s like to lose everything.

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