Comments for After Seven Months, Disneyland is Still Closed – What Now?


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  1. Rich

    Time to find another governor. The public mental health decline will be far worse than anyone getting a virus that 80% of people recover from just fine.

    1. Jamie

      And i hope you get covid bc people like you talking out your butt doesnt know anyone whom has had it! Nor has died from it! Its a horrible virus and you just dont know the truth and just like the president think your immune from a hoax!!! Millions are dead!!! Is that immune is that a hoax!!!!??? When was the last time you witnessed millions dead or your best friend fine one min dead the next!?!? NEVER UNTIL NOW!!! Get a life!!!

      1. Lindsey

        Wow, grown ups don’t respond like that. You can just say I disagree with your opinion. It’s a sign of great immaturity to wish I’ll on others.

      2. Eric

        Found out that my best friend from high school took his life last week leaving his wife and kid. Has not worked in months and been suffering from depression. They found searches on his laptop of whether his wife would get life insurance if he died by suicide. I am wondering if he will be counted as a covid casualty. Your response is completely immature. People are suffering in lots of ways.

    2. Lindsey

      I agree 1000% I’m so done with our Governor. His plan to do nothing proactive has put thousands out of work, people are losing hope, their mental, emotional, and physical health is suffering because of his lack of action. We need a new leader. Time to get California back and take better care of it.

  2. Trenton B.

    It’s been a rough seven months. But with CA government officials visiting theme parks it’s only a matter of time before Disneyland is given the green light.

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