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Cinderella at Cinderella Castle at Disney World Resort

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  1. Savannah

    I think the park reservation system is neat.but it didnt make it any easier on the wait times. And rise of the resistance needs more boarding groups and masks need to be an option or for only in lines for an attraction if masks are going to be permit

  2. Davis

    i think they said this is a precaution and will be gone by 50th anniversary the earliest in retrospect! Also you must have some different route into the site bc for most people it only goes as far as their ap can go! believe me folks complain to security all the time about that site and app its like i am security not the IT dept!

  3. janie

    If this is true and knowing its on a fansite whom has no direct contact w disney…. i doubt w all the aps that left for reasons or the other would keep em now!!! Part of the reason beyond saving money in the end aps go when they want park hop when they want etc. Can no longer do that! I get safety believe all the folks i know whom died or got sick then thats masks but not this! This just nuts by then i was hoping to look on this like a bad nightmare and move on.

    1. mary rose roberts

      I totally agree with you I canceled my annual pass because we can’t park hop And this reservation system they have that you can only go to one park a day is not gonna fly so if they are going to continue this I will not be getting another Annual Passes when it is available I will go to Universal Studios as much as I love disney and I was a passholder for many years I’m not going to deal with that

  4. Chris

    Honestly, let’s face it, reservations for theme parks are here to stay, they make managing staffing much more efficient and easier.

    Hopefully the mask requirements disappear in the near future though.

    1. Mark

      masks will stay bc 6ft apart will drop and so will this aps are just as important as tourist to wdw so they will delete this quick as it came in! I can not go in like normal & i can not get more than 3 days a month unless i stay at a hotel…. i bet once they feel its safe it will drop theres no way in hell they are going to have a 50th w park passes sorry it will only wrk aganist em and they know it!

  5. Scarlet Toruno

    The theme park reservation system is a sham. It is super annoying , especially when you’re going with a bigger group to the park. I was in Orlando for 8 days and could only make 3 reservation days at a time. Also, when I got to the parks there seemed to be more people than ever. I’ve been an annual Passholder for years and go to the parks 2 to 3 times per year. This was my first time this year and it was the worst experience ever. Without the fast pass , lines had ridiculous long lines. I don’t believe I saw any characters, thanks ok, ( I’ve seen them plenty) it was just not a magical experience . On the other hand I visited the Universal Parks with no reservations so no worries and stayed at the Loews Royal Pacific which gives you a fast pass for staying at their hotel. We had a magnificent time there and it was busy but not overcrowded like Disney and I certainly thought their sanitation protocols were better than Disney’s. I am a Disney fan but was really disappointed with my last trip.

  6. Fives

    What I’m not quite sure I understand is that it looked on the site like you could add Park Hopper to tickets in late 2021. How does that fit in with this system?

  7. prince charming

    If people do not purchase tickets, Disney will go back to the old system. Disney is driven by profits like all corpoations.

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