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  1. Alanis

    What are the chances he never misses an opportunity to point out other groups of people ‘living in fear’.

  2. Julio C

    What A Bunch of Snowflakes, They Guy Was Not Parading Around With Them

    1. Matt

      You sound like a snowflake, if you rely on a gun to feel safe at disney…

      1. Fgracen

        Agree.. guys that need to show off their guns or that afraid of everything likely aren’t packing much ammo “downstairs” if you know what I mean…
        Why gun nutz love trump so much..they share little mushrooms

        1. MJ

          Learn to read and comprehend, there was no “show off” of the tool’s. It sounds like an illegal search. With people traveling with guns, it would be nice if Disney offered a gun lockup.

          1. Teddy Gingerich

            ALL Disney websites specifically state that NO WEAPONS of any kind are allowed on any Disney property. Period. If you wish to vacation at a Disney property, leave your guns at home. And WDW is pretty damn far from the greater Orlando area, and I have yet to read of protests or unrest AT the park.

        2. Dr retard

          Hey! I love guns and I can assure you I’m packing heat in multiple areas. Maybe you should try focusing on yourself instead of others. Your insecurity is showing

      2. Mike

        Liberal mentality. Disney is a software target… perfect spot for an active shooter to score big numbers. I always carry, even at Disney. My guess is this bellhop established rapport with the guest and the guest told him he had the guns for protection.

        1. Teddy Gingerich

          Thank you for stating that you carry a gun at Disney. I hope the moderators of the site flag your comment and notify the parks so you can be banned. Disney parks are private property and have the express right to set rules regarding weapons. They state that all weapons are prohibited at all Disney properties: parks, hotels, shopping and dining areas.
          What the heck are you protecting yourself from at a theme park? Cranky Karens?

    2. Teddy Gingerich

      Again, for those of you who never actually read things, all Disney websites state that weapons of any kind are prohibited at all Disney properties.

  3. Roger Rabbit

    When entering property where the owners or operators do not allow you to possess the tools for your own defense and the defense of your loved ones, inform the management that you are holding the organization and them personally solely responsible for the safety of yourself and loved ones, and should any harm come to you or your loved ones, that you will sue the organization and them personally for their failure to protect you and your loved ones and their denial to permit you have the necessary tools to protect yourself and your loved ones.

    1. Darth Litigates

      Good point.

      Somebody should tell Disney to get some Liability Insurance!

      1. Poke

        When you sign your name to stay in a resort, or go to the parks, you are agreeing in contract to not bring firearms on property. You sign that knowingly and willingly.

      2. Teddy Gingerich

        For the record, they have excellent liability insurance. People have been injured, even lost their lives, at Disney parks and other theme parks. Should someone be able to get a weapon in the park and harm others, their insurance will cover that. Have never heard of it happening yet. Most injuries are guest-caused, and a good percentage of the deaths have been as well. Some of the deaths have indeed been the responsibility of the parks, and Disney has paid.

    2. Ken

      Yeah, except that is private property and YOU are agreeing to the rules.

      You really need to read your passes.

    3. Carl

      Amazing just how sick gun nuzis are that they are so scared of their own shadows they need guns at Disney World! Are they afraid of Daisy Duck?

      1. Harrison Kim

        Everyone should be afraid of Daisy Duck

    4. Teddy Gingerich

      And the owners/operators will kindly and firmly tell you to get lost (in so many words). You do not have the right to enter their property with items that are prohibited, whether it’s an AR-15 or a selfie stick (also banned). So go somewhere else for “family fun” that involves carrying military-style weapons. Preferably as far away from me as possible.

  4. Donald

    In the end, Disney is in the right here. When you enter the park you are not on public property, they get to make the rules and if you don’t like it then don’t go to Disney. Sure you can tell them they are liable, but no one forced you to go there, no one said you had to be at Disney, you enter willingly going to a place that does not allow you to carry your weapon. Can anyone prove that their firearm is just for protection to a complete stranger? Do you except them to create a mind reading machine to differentiate from those who are lying simply to get through security and those who are honest?

    1. Peter

      Well said!

    2. Carl

      Liability for what? Goofy flying off the handle and shooting people? Gaston beating up a kid? These gun nuts are sick, sick, sick.

      1. Ben Flynn

        Why in earth would you need a gun at Disney World. He was planning something horrible. I mean if he was that scared of the public than a little 38 maybe but really…if your that scared stay home.

  5. Pamela Anderson

    If you are that concerned, STAY HOME! For the love of PETE, Disney is wonderful, but if you have concerns about being in the area, your magical vacation can WAIT! Good gravy!

  6. Billbodoggins

    This is not a big issue. Florida allows people to carry weapons. This man had a couple of guns that he keeps with him for protection. He may have been unaware of WDW property rules. Also, he is allowed to keep the weapons in his vehicle. At any given day that you are on the property there are likely thousands of firearms in the parking lot (legally and allowably because your vehicle remains an extension of your property and you do not have to remove them) and most likely thousands of firearms in the hotels (legally but not allowed and in violation of property rules). To abide by the rules of WDW private property he cannot remove the firearms from his vehicle and into the resorts or parks. I don’t know if he was aware of the property rules or not. That’s why there was no arrest. He didn’t commit any violations. WDW was still happy to have him on property as a guest, they just checked his firearms in their already designated locations and returned them to him as he left the property.

    1. MJ

      I was at Disneyland last year with my weapon. We were going to downtown Disney for dinner, not in the park. What I did not know was Disney had moved the inspection gates to the entrance of downtown Disney. When I got to the entrance I informed security I had a concealed weapon on me and they called Anaheim PD immediately, they would not talk to me. After waiting a while PD showed up, I informed them I was off duty and carrying. The checked my ID and told the Disney security. I informed them I was there for dinner and the security wanted me to leave my weapon in my car. I informed them my convertible was not a good place to store a weapon they eventually allowed me to store it in a lock up in a hotel. Myself and the Anaheim PD could not believe they would not let an off duty officer carry to a restaurant outside the amusement park.

      1. Teddy Gingerich

        Off duty officer or no, you do not have the right to carry a weapon on private property where they are banned.

  7. LL

    Many of you says he had the right to carry. He claims he was afraid. The bell hop took the right actions and should be commended. The guy might also be unstable in the mind and eager to use those firearms. Thank you Disney for keeping your little corner of the world safe.

    1. Billbodoggins

      Just to clarify, he does not have the right to bring his gun into the resorts or parks and he should not have brought his gun in with his bag. Also, it should not be assumed that he had it with him for protection at WDW. It’s possible that someone is traveling from another area to WDW and wants to travel with his firearms. Certainly there have been events this summer that might cause someone to think that they could face danger while traveling. Many streets were taken over and may have been unsafe to travel down. Some by peaceful protest others not so peacefully. It really could be as simple as bringing the firearms into the hotel so that they were not left unattended in the vehicle. I don’t know all of the circumstances and they were not all presented in this article. What is stated is that he had not violated any laws and was not arrested or charged with anything. That is appropriate. And I agree, the bell hop acted correctly as well. The man should not have had the firearms in the resort and was questioned. It was easily settled by WDW and the police and there was not problem. This issue I have is vilifying the man with the firearms without knowing the circumstances. You are correct, he could have been unstable, but apparently that wasn’t what the police concluded after speaking with him. And I did assert an assumption that may not be true as well, but I assume that he was carrying his firearms for fear of the travel to WDW not for fear of safety at WDW.

    2. MyTQuinn

      Great point. Lessons learned from the Oct 1 Las Vegas attack.

  8. SG

    Thank you Disney for keeping the magic and illusion alive and providing an escape from people like him.
    This guy either ignored the rules or deliberately disobeyed them. What is wrong with Disney World that
    you think you have to carry weapons intent to murder someone?!
    A well regulated militia he is not!

  9. Michael Bulich

    “Protesters” is that what we call people who attack police, burn down building, and loot stores? We used to call those people rioters. I guess I’m just no current on the proper nomenclature.

  10. prince charming

    There is no reason for Disney to call the police because they admitted that no law was violated. This matter could have been handled quietly between the man and Disney management. But no Disney has to pathetically show off to all their libertads that they are tough on guns.

    1. StitchLove

      They had every right to call the police to verify that the guy’s permit to carry was legit. He’s broken the rules by bringing the gun on the property, it’s reasonable to want to verify that he had a legit permit to carry.

  11. mJ

    Read the article again. It wasn’t because he felt unsafe at Disney. Even though I’m retired now, I still carry a weapon with me ( not necessarily a rifle) most everywhere I go. I’ve always believed personal safety is a personal choice.

    1. Darth Litigates

      Interesting point, mj.

      A lot of women also feel the same way about their body and reproductive rights.

      1. Chaz

        Cool! Women should be able to carry/own firearms and get abortions. What’s wrong with either one?

  12. Jeff

    Why even bother bringing them. The guns were stored in 2 different areas of the park. This guy didn’t have access to them anywsys.

  13. P

    I carry a handgun on Disney property just not in the park.

  14. PeterPan

    Disney is not that safe. Their security guards are pretty much mall cops, which is why they rely on OC Sheriffs to patrol and handle the serious situations. They actually have a station on property. With all the terrible things going on lately, folks all pent up, I have brought my pistol to the parking lot, knowing that I can’t go inside. Angry guests or angry person, it’s only a matter of time before the biggest soft target in the world gets hit by some maniac. Can’t blame the guy for trying to protect himself. I’m sure all these folks talking about this man being in the wrong are not gun owners and only see the beauty in the world.

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