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ITM on the disney underground podcast

We at Inside the Magic love to douse our day in Disney, whether it be reading the latest Disney news, trying out a Disney recipe, or treating our ears to some Disney music and background loops on DPark radio. Recently, we were asked by the folks @the_magical_lifestyle  on Instagram to take part in their budding podcast, The Disney Underground. It was a great way to make new friends and engage in some fun Disney discussions. Put on your ears and listen in!

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The Disney Underground Podcast

Episode 7 of The Disney Underground Podcast discusses your Disney Dining Dream Meal. Where would you go to eat right now if you had the chance? What restaurant has eluded you up until now?

Gene, the owner of The Magical Lifestyle and the main host of The Disney Underground Podcast, leaves this copy as a teaser to Episode 7, “Today, The crew discusses which WDW Restaurant they have never been to, but are dying to try and why. Also, an exclusive interview with Disney Blogger from Inside the Magic, Lindsey Paris.”

You can hear our writer featured on the guest portion of The Disney Underground podcast from the 4 minutes and 15-second mark to the 23 minutes and 16-second mark.  Host and website owner Gene conducts the interview, as well as throwing in with fellow costars, Shakti, Samantha, and Randi-Lynn. Listen to the episode below on the Soundcloud widget.


Many thanks to Gene, our new friend, for having Inside the Magic on the podcast. We can’t wait to chat up a storm again about planning our next trip or discussing what new activities we are going to tackle. It seems like Gene and ITM have similar vacation styles in that they are always trying something new, but we’re sure to wave to Gene at his favorite Boardwalk Inn & Resort while we’re sipping Mai Tais over at Disney’s Village Resort.

Find more fun from The Magical Lifestyle gang over on Instagram, where their meme-Centered feed is sure to offer a laugh, a nostalgic look back at Disney history, or Disney fun in general.

What Disney Dining meal is your dream? Leave us a comment below about your next meal at a Disney Resort. 

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