The Sven Inspired Frappuccino

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Speak for yourself Sven! Tell me what your favorite flavor is! When imagining Sven, I created this seasonal flavor combination that evokes Turtle and Moose Tracks all in one. The Sven Inspired Starbucks Drink is a secret menu frappuccino that’s easy to order and packed with taste. Chocolate and caramel combine to make us sing in Sven’s voice!

Sven collage with character and secret starbucks drink

Sven Inspired Frappuccino

I’m no stranger to the Starbucks Secret Menu. In fact, I have a killer recipe for a Harry Potter Butterbeer Latte that people clamor over! Add this new 100% original Sven creation to the mix and you’ve got hot and cold drinks to get you through the winter. The Sven recipe is very easy and is built upon a seasonal item that you can find starting in the Christmas season (after the PSL leaves): the delicious, rich, sweet Creme Brulee syrup.


The Sven Frapp is easy to order in person, unlike some of the other Frozen inspired drinks. There aren’t too many steps to communicate! First, order a Creme Brulee Frappuccino in the size you desire. Then, ask for Java chips to be added (this is where the chocolate flavor comes from). On top, ask for a Light Mocha drizzle to be added (don’t let them skip those tasty caramel bits!). I swapped out the whole milk for Almond milk. Ever since doing Faster Way to Fat Loss, I hate having that much whole milk sitting in my tummy. Almond is better now!

If you’ve not yet seen the film, check out this ZERO SPOILER review of the themes you can find in Frozen 2. I think you’ll be impressed with the work Disney did for the real-life Sami people! Be sure to see the first Frozen film before you see the second. Though the sequel does to great job standing on its own, it’s important to understand relationships as seen in the first film. And be sure to stick around for the end credits scene with Olaf!


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