Comments for Disneyland President Says CA Guidelines are ‘Unworkable’


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  1. Ken

    Vote Republican next time. You get what you vote for. Pro business and Pro American or anti-business and anti-American.

    1. LZ

      Exactly why not to vote for R.

      But maybe actually check that parties record, including published votes…may think differently when seeing facts you can’t avoid.

      1. Evan

        What you are talking about? Republicans hold just 7 of California’s 53 U.S. House seats. The California State Assembly consists of 80 seats, Democrats have 61 of those seats, while Republicans have 17 and Independents have 2. In the California State Senate (40 seats total) Democrats have 29 seats, while Republicans have 11 seats. In California, Dems control 90 seats and Repubs 28. And the Governor and Lieutenant Governor are Democrats.

        So you want us to believe that Republicans have any legislative impact on what happens in California? California Republican’s voting record reflects the concerns and needs of their constituents, but it is a mute point when the Democrats hold a super majority. Follow you own advice and take a look at ALL the voting records, in many cases it is shocking, but Californians keep voting the Dems in office so they reap what the sow. You may think differently when seeing facts you can’t avoid. Disneyland and all the surrounding businesses in Anaheim that employ southern Californians are just the latest victims of the political party they keep in office.

    2. Matt

      How is it Anti American to want to lower the amount of people getting sick and dying… I think that the more people in America, who can be live and healthy, the better…

      And most businesses in the OC area are open again, they are trying to look at the highest risk areas where people could get sick, to have the most restrictions on. And if the OC took the pandemic seriously since March, they probably wouldnt still be in the Red tier. So sure, its easier to blame politicians, rather than looking inward and judging if you had acted appropriately enough during all of this to work on slowing the spread.

      1. GEAH

        Matt, it’s not anti-American to “want” to lower the amount of people getting sick or dying.

        It’s the methods they’re using to attain an unreachable goal that is anti-California.

        Newsom and his henchmen will destroy Anaheim.

  2. Ken G

    “ Dr. Mark Ghasly explained, “No indoor queuing is allowed for any attraction or ride”.

    Yet they can do this in DIsney World…. Yet here in Orange County, CA it’s ok for me to que up at Target or Lowes or the indoor registers in Downtown Disney shops (maintaining proper distance course). So why can’t that be true at Disneyland?

  3. Larry

    Thats too bad Mickey ! You are going to have too wait…. its not like you are going broke . With admission fees close too 200.00 per person there is plenty of cash too burn. Leave it closed until safe.

    1. GEAH

      Larry shows a complete and total indifference to all the people who work at Disneyland, and all the small business destroyed by Disneyland being closed.

      Life is never “safe”. If we close everything until life is “safe”, then nothing will ever open and our society will collapse. But, hey, it will be “safe”.

    2. Blake

      Mickey doesn’t want to play by the same rules as everyone else.

  4. Robin

    These comments ??

    Time for protest ! Open Disneyland anyway. No stopping Disney fans. Vote out Newsome !

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