Disney Reimagines Cinderella and Other Princesses for Adult Audiences

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if the shoe fits

Credit: Disney Publishing & The Hollywood Reporter

Disney Publishing is launching a new line of books that will bring a modern take on the classic Disney Princesses called, Meant to Be.

This new series, which is geared toward adults, was announced yesterday by the Hollywood Reporter. The first in the line of new books will be a fresh take on the classic Cinderella story called If the Shoe Fits.

If the Shoe Fits
Credit: Disney Publishing and The Hollywood Reporter

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Here is what the official description of the book says:

“From #1 New York Times best-selling author Julie Murphy comes the first in a brand-new adult series inspired by the classic fairy tale stories we all know and love, perfect for adult readers who crave contemporary, escapist rom-coms.

“After having just graduated with a degree in shoe design, and trying to get her feet on the ground, Cindy is working for her stepmother, who happens to be the executive producer of America’s favorite reality show, Before Midnight. When a spot on the show needs filling ASAP, Cindy volunteers, hoping it might help jump-start her fashion career, or at least give her something to do while her peers land jobs in the world of high fashion.

“Turns out being the only plus size woman on a reality dating competition makes a splash, and soon Cindy becomes a body positivity icon for women everywhere. What she doesn’t expect? That she may just find inspiration — and love — in the process. Ultimately, Cindy learns that if the shoe doesn’t fit, maybe it’s time to design your own.”

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If the Shoe Fits will be available for purchase on August 3rd 2021.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this is the first Disney intellectual property that is being reimagined for an adult audience.

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