Comments for Disney Asks Guests to Reschedule Their Vacation if They Can’t Follow Mask Rules


  1. prince charming

    I will take Disney’s advice and call up the broker to sell my DVC contract. Disney can use its money to buy back all of these contracts. Disney has no regard for its DVC or AP customers and their arrogance will be their downfall.

  2. Warren

    Smartest investment for Disney (or any company really)…improving masks to improve comfort. We’re what, 7 months in to this thing and NO ONE has come up with something better? We’re still using either the scratchy cloth masks or the plastic dispossibles. And if you have glasses, your breath shoots out the top and fogs the glasses. Anti-fog fluid anyone??? This isn’t going away for YEARS.

  3. Natasha

    Seriously! No
    Fast passes, no park hopping, no fire works, no shows, no nothing! They close early, you pay full pop for half the offerings. They have gestapo natzi policing your every move not allowing autonomy over your own body with these stupid ineffective muzzle mandates! I will gladly have over my AP too! I was just there at WDW and I was suffocating under this unconstitutional muzzle mandate is infuriating! I could barely breath! I hope many people stop coming to Disney until you stop
    Treating your guests like garbage! You can take your AP and shove it up
    Your arses! I won’t be returning until you make it worth our while! You don’t deserve our money anymore! ??

  4. I am to the point that I’m not ever going back to WDW. I have gone at least once a year since 1989. I’ve given Disney $1000’s every year. You allowed racist NBA thugs free reign over your resorts. No to mention pushing for this lqbqtxyz nonsense. Now your governor says you can fully open with little to no restriction but you won’t…..at least not until November 4. You can keep your masks, your racist NBA thugs as well as you rainbow weirdos. I’m done. MAGA 2020

    1. Zander

      Awesome, please don’t ever come back then if you’re going to be a bigoted homophobe. Disney accepts people of all colors, including rainbow. Go take your gun-toting anti-mask self somewhere else

    2. Lanie vanryn

      I love how your trying to call out racist while being a homophobe. Like pot meet kettle.

  5. Paul

    Gosh, the folks making the first couple of comments sure seem like nice people.

    I’m sure we’ll all miss their smiling faces at the Disney parks.

    1. Corey

      Thats two less people you will have to complain to about how offended you are by everything in the parks! 🙂

  6. Manny

    Here is the part you seem to not understand. We are in a global pandemic where study after study has proven that face masks are effective in halting the spread. Disney cares about $$ and your 1k or supposed DVC contract is nothing compared to the money they will lose if contact tracing goes back to an incident at Disney World.

    So you can choose to do what ever you want and while doing that please choose not to go to a hospital if you get CoVID. Stay home and ride out it out till you cannot breathe. Natural selection will prove itself again.

    1. Susan

      There is no global pandemic.

      1. Charles bishop

        There is a global pandemic of complete idiots like you. Go jump in a lake and please don’t have children.

      2. Charles

        There is a global pandemic of complete idiots like you. Please go jump in the lake and don’t have children. People like you for the reason multitudes of people have lost their jobs at WDW.

      3. Paul

        The world is flat.
        We never went to the moon.
        Vaccines don’t work.
        Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring out of a pizza shop.
        Area 51 is used for research on aliens.

        Oh, and there’s no pandemic.

        Did I miss anything?

        1. Corey

          Yeah how about “all the BLM protests have been peaceful” (that’s usually your narrative)

  7. Manny

    Wow there is no global pandemic. I wish I could tell my aunt that who passed away from CoVid but she is dead, so much for that.

  8. jamie

    Really your all pissed at disney over MASKS!!! GROW UP AND HAVE KINDNESS THESE ARE THE RULES!!!! THERES MASKS RULES EVERYWHERE NOT JUST DISNEY!!!! Are you not living in this same moment as the rest of us!?!? Seeing millions of people 215k people here in the US alone die and not just people whom have immune compromises my best friend was 21 ran marathons and died! Folks i know that made it now have complications and scaring on their lungs! Honestly grow up your all acting like children did you go to wdw w their rules before????? Did you go to school and all be bullies and call chaos???? Because thats what your all acting like!!! Disney actually cares for its guest why is that a crime to you??? So yea drop your ap dvc etc. And while your at it take your bs elsewhere maybe on a non disney fansite … duh!!! Enough us enough!!!!! I have enough of your bs the presidents bs everything …. why is hate so easy but kindess is too much to ask??????

  9. Cindy caine

    all of you whom complain should just cancel living for right now bc EVERYWHERE needs you to where a mask whats this crap about disney is asking every company is from disney to us at universal wants you IN MASKS!!!! Cancel see if anyone cares would love less people @ universal its already gotten in trouble due to capacity was found out to be 100% … no one cares… covid hit the park… no one cares WDW CARES and you act like well i am not going like its only disney… really!?! Come be in my shoes at uni or hos for once and you will be so scared you will be like masks forever! And praying covid doesnt get you! My best friend has heart issues she never had before. So if you all think this is a joke your the joke!

  10. Ret

    Jamie and Candy Caine, I second your comments.

    To all those who posted nasty negative comments, your lack of concern for others shows just exactly what type of people you really are and who you believe.

    As a high risk person, I’m still not able to resume my usual activities, including spending time in WDW, due to people like you.

    Show compassion for others and follow the rules. The pandemic is real and isn’t over, no matter what some liars say. Listen to the medical experts, masks do help to protect everyone, so wear one and stop complaining about the rules.

  11. prince charming

    Disney makes the majority of money from the two parks in the U.S. The local customers who visit once every five years will not pay for WDW as we know it. The money which DVC and AP customers pay is money in advance and money that they can count on every year. When DVC and AP customers leave Disney they will lose their revenue and be forced to buy back these contracts to prevent the price of DVC contracts from sinking. You WILL care when you have to pay $500 for a ticket to WDW. Disney will soon learn that they are not the only entertainment business.

    1. Evan

      P Charm, you forget to mention Bob Chapek in both your posts on this subject. Is there something wrong, are you feeling o.k.? Maybe you should get tested? BTW, 40% of Disney revenue comes from the Disney’s Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products segment, that’s all 6 Parks, worldwide, Cruise, Adventures by Disney and consumer products (Disney Stores and mechandise sales). You’d have to read an annual report to understand that and then have some basic math skills to know what constitiutes a majority. 🙂

    2. mark

      Yes we do its the tourists that wont! Wdw just doesnt care about their aps are the folks that bring in the most money w dvc but we are here just bc you rather complain to a wall thinking folks will agree w your stupid is a different story!!!

  12. Mike E Gunthner

    If I purchase a photopass as a remembrance of the visit’ I would like to see the, smile not being the mask…

    1. jackie

      Welcome to the real world! And remember kindness its not just about you!

  13. J.

    No problem, I DID cancel my trip. No way I’ll spend thousands of dollars to not have the same experience. When the restrictions are gone, I’ll be first in line. In the meantime, I’ve been spending my vacation money enjoying places that are operating more normally.

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