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  1. Peter

    If airlines started requiring testing, I’d drive the 24 hours it takes to get to WDW.

    1. Melissa

      Me too. It’s a hard pass from me, given that it assures absolutely NOTHING given the incubation period. I also refuse to be part of the continued testing obsession and panic. I will rent a car and drive, considering it for December just in case anyone tries to change policies while we are there.

    2. Lisa

      Not real sure how this will help the travel industry. The news tells us that the airlines are in trouble…? I agree with Peter. I will drive & skip the nonsense, just adds to the hassle at the airport. I have never been tested for the flu to board a plane… it’s a virus…? Too much hype for me.

  2. Lori Barber

    They would need to find a way to make it affordable. Right now I do not need a tesr to fly TO Disney world but will require one to fly back to Rhode Island. I have a place set up to be tested but will cost $180 per person because we are doing it for travel reasons not because we have symptoms (which would be free through our health insurance if we did.)

    1. Jenna

      My question is, how will they know? Our family left Rhode Island and moved to Florida (thank God.). My dad just visited us and stayed with us. We live outside of Orlando and, yes, we went to EPCOT one day. Will he have to be tested if he’s coming to FL just to visit? Will they demand to know his itinerary?

      1. Lori Barber

        It’s mainly because of the type of job I do (dialysis) I can travel but my job requires it

        1. Johnny

          So what happens when you test positive at the end of your vacation? Do you have to walk home to get back to work?

    2. Pam

      Since I fly weekly for work, a test all the time would be horrible! They are not comfortable tests! Hard pass.

  3. Jenette

    We aren’t going (hopefully depending on if they still require mask or not) till 2022….but we already have a drive route planned incase we can’t fly. My son has a medical exemption for facemask, so we can’t fly because if that right now, and if they come up with a way other then the nose method of testing, I would consider it. But there is no way my son would tolerate the nose swab test, and his nose is super sensitive to jose bleeds too.

    1. Barb

      Sorry to tell you but your son’s medical exemption for a facemask will not work at Disney World. All must wear masks. No exceptions.

      1. Jenette

        I know.that, hence the reason I said we won’t be going till 2022, if the mask are no longer required 🤦

    2. Colleen Justiniano

      So I am going in November and I think if they required it I might pass on flying my little one hates the flu test and they hurt her nose a few times and I wouldn’t want to ruin her vacation by having her take the test twice and giving me a hard time about it. Also these tests are not 100 percent correct what happens if you get false positives and make someone leave the airport who is not sick it’s just the test that showed a false positive that would really piss me off and I would never fly again.

      1. Amber

        False positives are super rare. You’re much more likely to get a false negative.

    3. Samantha

      I would skip out and not fly if they required a test. Many people have attested that the nose test is painful. I think this would hinder travel for people who get queasy from needles and other forms of poking utensils like me… also it gets pricey. This is just another way to price gouge us for another “test” in order to fly or not have to quarantine. It’s also another way to give more “false” positives. Recently, I cancelled a trip to Hawaii where we would have spent $1000 for 4 people to fly to Hawaii plus another 2K at the resort we were going to because they required the Covid-19 test. You know what we did instead? We cancelled that flight, utilized the funds to go to WDW where no Covid-19 test required, & spent time at the Animal Kingdom Lodge renting out DVC points, saw both Epcot and Magic Kingdom , thought Disney maintained an excellent operation of physical distancing and mask wearing and now we are back in our home state and safe and happy, and sane again since we took our one vacation this year!! Thank you Disney World in Florida for being open, providing lots of hand sanitizer stations, for your bathrooms being clean, and not requiring testing. This allows squeamish people like me to travel and have fun this year while also being safe! Attention all folks- we gotta travel to Disney World to keep the good people employed!!

  4. Nej Ocin

    Why not add a mandatory pap smear and prostate exam while they are at it?

  5. Howard in PA

    Interesting thought on testing….if I take the test and if I’m negative would Disney give me a mask free badge? Wearing a mask at Disney takes away the fun….Not even mentioning the discomfort and hassle.

  6. Natasha

    This is serious bs and too much Government over each! We are suppose to
    Live in a free democracy! This is lunacy! No one has to the right to force test us for traveling! I can see the law suits coming now! I won’t test ever! If they force us to test then they need to pay for it which I wouid be surprised they would. If the Government mandates it they should have to pay for it and if we have to prove it we don’t have the fake virus then we shouldn’t have to wear a dumb muzzle either! What’s next? Are they going to require aids testing too? What other disgusting things can they start forcing us to do??? When does it end! 😡😡😡😡

    1. Nono Jones

      Did you even read the article? This is coming from the International Chamber of Commerce, which “is the largest, most representative business organization in the world. Its over 45 million members in over 100 countries have interests spanning every sector of private enterprise.”

  7. Covid testing is not absolute. False negatives and false positives are still happening in our country. If they want me to pay $180 per person to test my family, they need to help pay for it.

  8. Joyce

    Nope, I wouldn’t. No reason for it unless then I could be mask free on both the flight and in Disney. Plus, I live in NY and would have to still quarantine thanks to the dictator in charge of NY. Easier to drive 24 hours and by pass all of his hoops

  9. Amber

    As an avid traveler, we love to cruise and have has the privilege to fly to Europe twice as a family of six, I will never consent to a COVID test to board a plane or go to Disney world for a treatable virus with a 99.98% survival rate. I will choose not to travel before I subject my family to COVID testing. The mask policy is a whole other issue.

  10. Lisa Leyde

    The problem is that the tests take so long that by the time you get the results you may have missed your flight, or even if it’s negative and it’s been 5 days couldn’t you have been exposed within those 5 days? It’s pointless unless they can have some kind of immediate results


    We were at Disney in August, drove. I agree with mask wearing, but never again for me. Force testing , nope never.staying home. Do not care to travel anymore unless virus goes away, which seems unlikely. Also Disney experience was disappointing and is getting way overpriced.

  12. No, I won’t take a test, I don’t think anyone should mandate any medical test.

  13. Shyanne

    I have a trip planned for WDW in 3 weeks… I will not take a covid test.. that’s ridiculous to mandate that just to board an airplane. I’d rather drive. And I live in Southern California.

  14. Emily

    Absolutely not. No. Never.

  15. Leeann Jacket

    I was thinking about getting a refund on our Disneyland tickets because I was thinking about going back to WDW & I was wondering if I should drive 26 hours, or fly. All of this to see the mouse. It’s going to my husband’s & children’s first time. I don’t know what to do. Decisions! Decisions!

    1. Johnny

      Cancel until the powers that be stop changing the rules every 15 hours.

    2. Jenn

      Wait til at least 2021 when mask policies might be more relaxed and Disney has all the perks or magic back that separates it from other parks. No parades and fireworks are MUST HAVES!

  16. Lee Bryant

    Testing is no good. Even Faucci said so that one day you test negative the next you test positive. Tourism will lose money. You book everything then cant get there because of a bogus test. So you loose your vacation and money already spent on plane tickets. Ya thats a great idea.

  17. Elizabeth

    I am deeply concerned by the number of commenters here who are unwilling to be slightly inconvenienced in order to protect those around them. Yikes.

    1. GIna

      Slight inconvience? For starters, if they mandate a test, they should not charge you for it, especially a whopping 180 dollars a person!

  18. Rosemarie Musisca Basinger

    That is a infringement of my right to keep my health info private. Anyone hear of hippa, and even with a test you can’t guarantee a covid or any other flu free flight.
    These are risk of living move on with your life. I have had it and I am in high risk category. It was awful but you move on and live. Don’t give up your freedom.

    1. davis

      If you are going to complain about HIPAA you should learn how to at least spell it first LOL

  19. Would not go to any Park with mandatory mask. Would never take a covid test! Why has this country gone hysterical over this virus? No one did over the flu, which is present every year. Common sense tells you to wash your hands, cover your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze, eat right, get rest and take your vitamins. If you are susceptible to illness, stay home.

    1. Sandy

      Hate to say this but the liberals are the ones trying to scare everyone into thinking this is so much more worse than it needs to be. Thank goodness we have a governor who has taken a common sense approach to dealing with this virus. Be careful, protect yourself and others, but live your life.

  20. I live in a dictator state too. Its California under Newsom. He has put our state in total chaos. Nothing can open and people are desperate. So sorry. Get the Democrats out !!!!

  21. M

    No, I will drive 18 hours instead.

  22. Right Side

    Nope never cant force my to do anything especially “covid” test!

  23. J.

    Hard pass on that. The quick tests have shown a lot of trouble with false positives and false negatives. Can you imagine coming in to the airport ready to leave for your trip and someone in your group throws a false positive and you can’t leave? Wow, way too much potential for issues.

  24. Kelly L Connerton

    Yet another reason f ok r m ed to drive everywhere. Thankfully I am retired and have the time.

  25. Sinoplops

    Supply chain disruption. not enough violins in the world. Yes the virus probably isn’t going to kill most of you un/ fortunately. It will put a serious amount of yall in the hospital, some areas 1 in 10 of the sick. Hope your local hospital has enough room. That’s why it’s important to keep the R0 down and y’all sdont need care at the same time. Some of those turned away will die needlessly or end up with chronic conditions that couldve been prevented with better access to care that catch issues before damage takes its toll. It’s very easy to limit spread when you try. For those who are too good to join the effort, hopefully not everybody where you live thinks the same or you’re going to learn about exponential math the hard way this winter.

  26. davis

    We have a family of six, two adults and four kids. Just from a financial standpoint we would simply drive the 10 hours from our home to the parks instead of flying. $150 x 6 x 2 = money that could be spent on our vacation instead of on a few tests. For that we could extend our Disney tickets another day or get a hotel room for an extra couple of days.

  27. TNMimi

    No problem. Whatever it takes!! Have already had two tests (Both free at the health dept!). to insure I’m healthy and not carrying anything to my elderly Mother or anyone else!!! Hoping to go in the Spring and will be flying! We are all in this together and it’s going to take all of us to corral this thing and get back to some sense of normal. Besides need a dose of that Disney Magic!

  28. Mike

    If it meant no mask for my two year old with a negative test I would pay almost any amount. My wife and I would wear a mask negative test or not. But our two year old is the only thing holding us back from going.

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