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  1. Carol

    The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park have been allowed to open.

    1. Chris

      Yep, the zoo is even able to run their skyfari as transportation.

      Yet theme parks of a similar size are unable to reopen. They seriously need to file lawsuits over this.

  2. Susan

    For Governor Newson it is all about control. He needs to be removed. However, if Disney is so concerned about the general public’s health, perhaps it should stay closed until the stupidity of masks are removed from the picture. Disney has been going down the tubes for years anyway since Iger came on board on how they treat the handicap. Alot of what Disney is doing in Florida are actual violations of the HIPPA and ADA laws.

    1. Paul

      I can possibly see the argument for ADA, although here’s a great writeup on the law and use of masks about it: Read the whole thing but make sure you don’t skip the section on, “Direct Threat. There’s a scientific, medical-based argument for a direct threat from someone not wearing a mask around others.

      I’m honestly curious about the HIPPA violations? What confidential or private medical information is Disney releasing?

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