Box of Bones Dessert New at Disney World

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Bones Dessert at Disney World

Y’all know that we at Inside the Magic are a bunch of foodies. Disney makes the best snacks, and we’re always hungry! When Disney announced the Foodie Guide for the Fall of 2020, we pored over the offerings, making our lists of NEEDS and WANTS! A few Disney fans out there are tasting and trying these treats as well, and we love to see what they are up to. Disney’s Backlot Express’ Box of Bones is a fun chocolate treat we think you’ll love!

Box of Bones chocolate halloween dessert
Credit: @pixiedustedfun on IG

Box of Bones Dessert at Disney

Instagram user @pixiedustedfun treated herself to a little morbid mousse with a “Box of Bones Chocolate Eclair. Located at Backlot Express in Hollywood Studios. This is a chocolate Eclair with Dark Chocolate Mousse and White Chocolate Bones.” Her post is below. Be sure to swipe left to see a video twirl of the deathly decadent dessert.

This calcium-rich dessert (get it?) was made by a skeleton crew of 206 in the pastry kitchen, but we know you KNEED this. Ok, enough bone puns, you’ve had enough… tibia sure. The Box of Bones dessert is a chocolate eclair stuffed with a chocolate mousse-like filling (piped with a lovely flower tip) and stuffed with white chocolate bones that stick out the sides.

Box of Bones at Backlot Express Disney
Credit: @pixiedustedfun on IG

It’s the perfect size to keep to yourself, but be sure to bite gently… those bones are everywhere in there! Pick up this treat for under $6.00 at the Backlot Express in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s one of the few quick service (counter style) eateries left from the original footprint of MGM Studios. A classic in its own right! (I hope you found this article humerus… I’ll see myself out).

 Will you try this DEATH BY CHOCOLATE treat? Leave us a comment below. We’re BONES about it!

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