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  1. prince charming

    If someone owed Disney $5, Disney lawyers would sue them in a second but when they owe money they take their good sweet time. They have realized for a long time that they would not be open but they have kept their money in their investments. The courts should require Disney to pay 18% interest on the money and all costs relating to recovery of the money.

  2. Chris

    They should easily be able to setup a computer system to do this automatically. It isn’t that hard to do.

    I wonder what will happen for those of us on monthly payments that have requested extensions instead, if that will end up happening.

  3. Sylvia B

    I agree with both Prince & Chris! I am still waiting for my refund – funny story! Renewed in Feb 2020 used it 2/13 only and in March I was in quarantine, still there!! The refund was requested on 7/26 – this is just part of the letter – “Refunds to original form of payment can be expected by mid- to late September. Refunds may take up to an additional month …” I should purchase a Lazy-Boy Recliner to make my waiting a little be more comfortable!

  4. Mark

    To Disney’s credit, they have been on a roller coaster ride themselves believing that logic would prevail, and they would open. I’m sure they will respond and ensure passholders receive refunds, but given the climate its understandable why they are a bit backlogged.

  5. Aaron

    The longer Disney keeps your money, the more they make off it in interest/investments which minimizes their overall losses from this nonsense that is COVID-19. It couldn’t be more simple than that.

  6. I’m one of them. It expired in September as well and my plans in March to use then got canceled when they closed the week before. I’m trying to use that money to go to WDW but still waiting.

  7. I personally put all the BLAME on California’s Governor. It’s obvious he doesn’t care at all about the economy or the struggle’s and hardship he is LITERALLY forcing upon thousands of people who work at all those theme parks. Health and safety of people is his main concern what a load of CRAP. Have you gone to the Beach lately where’s the health and safety there?? I think Disney and all other Theme Parks should take this to Court. Sue the Governor and take the control out of his hands regarding opening all Theme Parks. It’s obvious this guy doesn’t believe “Dreams come true” at Disneyland!!!!

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