Comments for Universal Orlando Is Operating at 25%, Says Comcast CEO


  1. cindy caine

    well thats a lie bc more than that just came into my area today we even have on our break room board expected 50-75% but not expecting much from a company that i love working for when i do wrk bc i rarely am in thanks to folks we find out have covid so we close! And now they are thinking of some version of hhn???!!! Omg! My fellow scareactors are saints so show em some love weather at uni or hos bc yours truly and few other went there too! If we can mask up to scare so can you!

    1. Lydia

      Godspeed cindy and be safe scaring to you and your fellow boo crews! And your right if you can scare masked and distant do can guests!

    2. Withered Weiner

      The things you are saying are against company policy. Forwarded again to HR, and working on an IPP trace. “Cindy”

      1. cindy caine

        you probably do not wrk for universal first second i have been w the company for 20 yrs! Your the epitome of your name weiner! Btw this is the 3rd time i am being told this and that proves your more than 1 person… cindy is my alias just like everyone has an alias here no one is using their real names i mean unless you are a weiner?

  2. not today

    Ha! 25% is bull !!!!! A lot more than that

  3. jo

    Ha! That is bull !!! A lot more then that. 75 % and up

  4. joe

    Ha!!!! That is bull !!!! A lot more than that. 75 % and up

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