Photos: First Look at Newly Opened Fantasyland Area at TDR

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Last week, we reported that Tokyo Disneyland’s new Fantasyland area, including the much-anticipated Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast ride, is set to open September 28.

Some Guests have finally gotten to see inside of the Tokyo Disney Resort expansion for the first time and Disney fans are taking to social media to share photos.

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Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

In this photo from Tokyo Disneyland’s new Toontown area, we see Minnie’s Style Studio, which will serve as a Minnie Mouse meet and greet area! The Tokyo Disney park has recently begun offering certain character meet and greets again.

The Minnie shaped door (complete with her iconic bow!) is our favorite detail.

In these photos from the new Fantasyland expansion, Goofy’s house in Toowntown, a social media-worthy blue wall, and other new features can be seen.

The Stargazer Supplies photo op kiosk has a “Please Stand Here” marker on the ground. Although this looks similar to some of Disney’s theme park social distancing notices, it is presumably more for photo-taking in this case.

Finally, @Shunsuke shared these photos of Beast’s castle and the surrounding landscape features.

Instagram user @i___mmmmm also shared a photo from the Beauty and the Beast area of Tokyo’s new Fantasyland. This view of Beast’s castle really shows-off the gilded details!

If you have plans to visit Tokyo Disney Resort in the near future, be aware of these health and safety measures:

  • Please wear a mask inside the stations and on the Resort Liners. Please also be considerate of others when you cough or sneeze.

  • Many visitors are expected around the time that the Parks open or close. Please help us ease the congestion by avoiding these times and take a less crowded train.

  • Please avoid staying at the station and riding the Resort Liner for an extended period of time.

  • We may temporarily limit entry to the stations and ask you to wait to board to prevent crowding.

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are available at the service counter in each station.

  • Cast Members will be sanitizing frequently touched objects, such as ticket machines, straps, and handrails.

  • Plexiglass barriers are installed at the ticket counters. Cast Members may also be wearing face coverings and gloves.

  • Trays will be used at ticket counters for transactions.

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Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

Are you excited to see inside Tokyo Disneyland’s new Fantasyland?

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