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Lamplight Lounge at Disney California Adventure Park - 11/15/18 (Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort)

Credit: Disney


  1. Erik

    I already know 2 people from my department that got laid off. I’m expecting a call for me in the next upcoming days. This sucks.

  2. Don’t worry. Emperor Newsom will reveal his plan to re-open the theme parks right after the election. For a radical Marxist, power trumps the public welfare. Good choice for Governor, Cali!

  3. Victoria Murphy

    It’s petty to lay this at the feet of the Governor. He’s walking down a dark hallway the same as the rest of us. Disney can open the same way Knott’s has but it won’t. Why not? We need national leadership and support like we had 2008. We see when states open too quicklthings go badly. If we were getting financial support from the government like every other developed country this wouldn’t be so hard. Vote. Vote vote vote vote.

    1. Yes, vote, vote…but only for Trump and Republicans. Dems, including emperor Newsom, are only interested in power. And you say “if we were getting financial support from the government”. Really? Our 25 trillion dollars is nearly all freebies, including the voluminous stimulus and unemployment handouts. Ugh.

      1. Ed

        Trump will just make this country even worse. If he can’t fix anything right now what makes you think he will do it in the next years? Lol

        1. Lad

          Recall Newsome!!! All the theme park people should sign to recall Newsome!!!

  4. Brandon

    100% agree. Everything about this sucks, but pointing the finger at Newsom and saying this is all his fault is grossly oversimplifying the issue.

    1. ….gotta agree, the blame is not Newsom’s alone, we can blame ALL California Leftists, especially the Dem politicians….

  5. Megan

    Putting this all on Gavin Newsom is strange when they are open in Flordia and still laying off employees. Disney can afford to keep the employees they just don’t want to pay benefits while the park is closed which is no one fault.

  6. Nancy Hathcock

    As a former Cast Member when Walt was alive I am incredibly upset to hear this news. I do blame Newsom as politics has played a huge role in his decisions regarding the Wuhan Virus. Laying off so many people not just at Disneyland but at the other amusement parks is asinine on his part. What he is causing is worse than getting the virus. He will cause people to loose homes, families and sanity. The increased suicide rate, depression and anxiety people are feeling will only get worse with so many people out of work. Much of our economy in CA is based on tourism! Start calling the governors office and complaining.

    1. Lad

      Recall him, get him out!!!!

  7. AnneBedoe

    My son with Special needs (Sean)really misses
    Disneyland! We use to visit the park weekly! I don’t understand why our CA Governer Newsome hasn’t considered Reopening, especially since Disney World is advertised!

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