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  1. Thomas

    I went to my local cinema as soon as I could in the UK, and I could not have been more happier during this whole Covid crisis than that moment. I chose a time that I knew would have low attendance – and I was right, I was in there on my own (I never go to the movies with people if I can avoid it as I like to immerse myself completely), but rather than feel sad about it I was living for the fact I was having a private viewing of ‘Tenet’ – the movie lends itself to a cinema setting and it was just nice to be in that environment without constantly checking how long is left or checking my phone or whatever and just losing myself in the mind-bending action (even if I’d figured out the twist early on). I felt completely safe, we had attendants checking the screening room every half hour, at the end of the movie I was shown out through the back exit so not to cross those coming in. Even having the mask on after finishing my popcorn I didn’t mind. The cinema was clean and welcoming and a great experience that I’d missed greatly. I cannot wait for ‘Soul’ to open later in the year and Raya next year, and there’s some more inbetween that I’m looking forward to too. I would recommend people go and get back into supporting cinemas, they are much more immersive and a better experience than streaming will ever be. My local cinema is only £5, and with popcorn for one I paid less than £10.

  2. Joe

    I used to go to three to four movies a week. I’m not going back until we don’t need masks anymore. I’d rather go to a drive-in or watch at home where I can be more comfortable and not distracted with people coming in to check on us. It sounds like an annoying setting with all the rules.

    1. Dave

      Agreed on all counts. Everyone I know feels the same way. All the theatres will end up bankrupt either way because of extreme lack of customers.

  3. Breckenridge

    No offense, but that’s a stupid reason.

  4. Michael

    I long to go to the movies. Sadly the Hollyweirdos keep slinging the same old crap. Theaters were closed for nearly five months and reopened to great fanfare with a handful of movies, none of which I have any interest in. And then they decide that not enough people are turning out for us to be worthy of them releasing the supposedly good stuff they are holding back. Nope. There are far more choices and far easier ways to find entertainment to my liking in the walls of my own home. Hollywood, you lose. Theaters with their absurdly prices concessions don’t fare any better. It actually just makes me sad….

  5. Theresa Thomas

    Horrible AMC in Houston, TX. We left before the movie started extra large bus size roaches everywhere. Ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

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