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  1. Wendell Booten


  2. Jackie Diprimo

    Boardwalk Inn

    1. Susan Anderson

      Wilderness Lodge is my Dream Resort!

  3. Margaret Smith

    Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

  4. Ginger Neal


  5. Ashley Lam

    Boardwalk Inn!

  6. William Richardson

    Wilderness Lodge

  7. Jenette

    Animal Kingdom Lodge!

  8. Mike

    Definitely Polynesian!

  9. Joe Moyer


  10. BL Bennett


  11. Michelle J.

    Wilderness Lodge!

  12. Karen

    Any of them would be wonderful!
    But Boardwalk sounds amazing

  13. Gail Whitworth

    Disney’s Polynesian Lodge

  14. Misty

    Contemporary for us!

  15. Hannah Mowen

    My whole family and I would love to have a holiday to Disney World!

  16. Hannah Mowen

    Animal Kingdom Lodge!

  17. Jill Kenny

    Polynesian <3

  18. Pamela

    I thought they wanted us to comment on their facebook post, but just in case, I will say it here too….Animal Kingdom Lodge! <3 🙂

  19. Michelle

    Animal kingdom lodge

  20. Ed

    Animal KIngdom Lodge

  21. Edwin Molina

    Animal Kingdom Lodge!!!

  22. Mickey

    Contemporary or Wilderness Lodge.

  23. Larry


  24. Leland Lee

    Boardwalk Inn

  25. Xia Lee

    Polynesian Lodge

    1. Terra

      Animal Kingdom ?

  26. Jaclyn Armstrong

    Beach club!

  27. Lynette Willie

    I’m going to say Animal Kingdom because the grandchildren would love it. If I were to come without them I would pick the Boardwalk.

  28. Lisa

    Animal Kingdom Lodge!


    The Grand Polynesian for sure.

  30. Jennifer Bell

    Animal Kingdom

  31. Jennifer Bell

    Animal Kingdom yayyy

  32. Terre Halacy

    Ugh! So hard to choose!! Wilderness Lodge ?

  33. Jennifer Collins

    It’s between Animal Kingdom and Wilderness Lodge!

  34. Gaverine Davis

    The Grand Polynesian

  35. Diane Hetzer

    Grand Floridian

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