Comments for Permit Filed for EPCOT’s Rose and Crown Pub


  1. Liza

    It is the United Kingdom Pavilion, please don’t leave out 3/4 of the country by calling it the England Pavilion.

    1. Josh

      It’s the UK pavilion, Not England.

    2. Mark Ashwaite

      Well done! As a Welsh man I get really annoyed at people who keep calling the UK England.

  2. Jb

    It’s the UK Pavilion not the England Pavilion, you’d think a fan site would know this.

    1. Davis

      though in there defense its only been uk in the lattet yrs and in the orgin it was england! There is no other areas in the uk referenced at the pavilion so i guess its not so wrong.

      1. JB

        No, you are wrong. it has always been the UK pavilion and every country of the UK is represented and always has been.

      2. davis

        jb your loosing your mind or not be around for long bc not all locations are repped and it was england in the original papers. I been around wdw way longer than you apparently!

        1. JB

          Getting so old your losing your memory apparently, google EPCOT 1982 park map if you want, it will say United Kingdom Pavilion because it always was. Clearly you have just been getting it wrong all these years.

      3. Mark Ashwaite

        It’s always been the United Kingdom pavilion, NOT England.

  3. Alex

    It is the United Kingdom pavilion
    Please use the right names for the Pavillions

  4. rebel orange bird

    omg are you all really debating UK VS england hate to break it but NO ONE here in the states says UK they say england and on top of that do you actually say your from the uk or your from england??
    I make my case!

    1. JB

      The United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Are you seriously suggesting someone from Scotland should call themselves English? by that logic you need to start calling yourself Canadian.

      1. rebel orange bird

        Yes bc everyone i know from the uk says they are from england while genertic thats just how it goes to make it easier on you as a passerby! And davis is right in the orginal plans to says england! Btw england uk its all the same in the wash you are one huge country and i can not believe i am defending myself over something this stupid!btw uk is better space needed for a new country you tech were supose to be another country so and i am suprised this or mary is happening bc i heard uk was going they are the weakest link at WS wo much to do!

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