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  1. Thomas

    Something like that would be pretty cool, and if not Haunted Mansion, then Villains or Halloween Town themed. If it’s like the All Stars resorts or Art of Animation resort then you could have the Haunted Mansion building, the Halloween Town building, Evil Queen’s Castle building and Captain Hook’s Ship or something. I know I’d happily stay in a Villain or spooky resort at Disney (I wouldn’t stay in a real haunted house cos my mind goes into overdrive anyway) but to be visited in the night by a hitchhiking ghost…I could live with that.

  2. Dawn Jiricek

    I think having a Haunted Mansion Resort would be a great idea and, yes I would stay there in a heartbeat! In fact I love the HM so much that I would more than likely stay there several times, just like I ride the ride several times during my stay in Orlando or Anaheim! So YES…please build this resort!!

  3. Darth Ideas

    This idea has always been a good one.

    A fully immersive hotel… Look in the bathroom mirror, see a ghoul… how cool! (The rooms should come with a button to “settle down” the ghosts so that little kids can finally get some rest)

    If Disney is concerned about the cost of going all-in with just a singular attraction as a theme, they could make a “Disney” resort in which different wings are devoted to different rides: A Pirates of the Caribbean wing, a Space Mt/Tomorrowland wing, a Big Thunder wing, the main lobby of the entire hotel could be Main Street-ish.

    Each wing would have a themed restaurant/pool/personal lobby. People could pick their favorites themes to immerse themselves in and who wouldn’t want to stay there more than once to experience all the different adventures?

    Okay, let’s do it.

    1. Lynne Ray

      YES A MILLION TIMES OVER!!!! We usually stay in the Pop Century, etc, but we would fork out the $$$ for that resort in a ??? heart beat. Here’s my idea for one of the wings or suites… Dead Man Tell No Tales – Captain Salazar is about as scary as they get, or the skeletons and zombies. I’d be elated keeping it pure too. ????

  4. davis

    sure as long as they do not screw up the stories any further…. though most fans already live in a haunted mansion world.

  5. Kelly Bonne

    Yes please. Fabulous idea. I don’t like paying for fancy hotels but would definitely stay there at least once.

  6. Yvonne

    Such a great idea!!! Please send this to Disney and have them do it. October would be packed!!

  7. OH ABSOLUTELY I have been going to Disney World since 1971 when they first opened and as a kid I was fascinated by the Haunted Mansion there is no doubt in my mind that I would Stay there heck hire me and I’ll for work there I’m dying to work there Would be the perfect ghost host.

  8. Beverly Vanderburg

    That would be awesome…I would love to stay there…

  9. SG

    Eww, no. I’d never want to relax after a long day in a creepy hotel. I can get that feeling in a one star hotel anywhere for cheap!

  10. Paul

    This. Would. Be. AWESOME!!!

    I’d check in.

    And never check out…

  11. Matthew Brewster

    I’ve wanted to such a haunted hotel for decades! Diz should hurry up and build it…before Universal builds one at its new complex.

  12. Star Wars Sithea

    First, I’d like to see Disney revisit building a Galactic Cruiser hotel @ Disneyland, so there’s an immersive way to visit Galaxy’s Edge that keeps one inside the Star Wars Universe.

  13. Melanie Durham

    Oh yes definitely!

  14. I’d like to see it too but suspect it will never happen. The Tower of Terror was supposed to include a haunted hotel. They tried and could not make it work. I think one of the fears was guests complaints for those who didn’t know what they were getting in to. For example, Whispering Canyon at Wilderness Lodge has for years dealt with complaints form guests who just want a meal, not the show.

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