Comments for OpEd: Disney+ Needs to Add Sing Along Songs to Service

sing a long songs


  1. Thomas

    I 1million times agree to this! I too collected the VHS tapes when I was a kid, it was a very special day when I came home from school and my parents had bought me the latest one, and I would watch them all repeatedly all day every day. I’ve watched clips of them on YouTube and they need to be made available on Disney+, I know there’s the specials hosted by Ryan Seacrest, and I’m all for hearing Jennifer Hudson singing Beauty and the Beast, but you can’t be the Sing Along Song series. Come on Disney, do the right thing! Oh, and add TaleSpin!

    1. Katie T

      I believe TaleSpin is available (as is Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers and Gummy Bears!) with 65 episodes. This too was part of my childhood and have introduced the sing-along DVDs to my children. Yes, they’re outdated, but the songs aren’t.
      Another suggestion is bringing House of Mouse in to Disney+. The holiday specials (Halloween and Christmas) were especially cute and nostalgic.

  2. Casey

    I actually don’t full agree with this, some should be added but really it isn’t an expensive production. I think they should be redone for today’s kids and updated (Some of them really didn’t age well)

  3. Leslie

    100% agree!

  4. Kimberly

    Yes!!! My daughter is in the Campout at Walt Disney Sing-a-long!!!!! It would be great to watch it everyday!!!!

  5. Harley Kay Wilt

    I had Campout at Disney and tge Dalmation party one on VHS! Watched it all the time id love to see it again

  6. Lisa

    I so wish they would add it. I just signed up for Disney+ and that was one of the first things I looked for and was so disappointed it wasn’t there!
    My kids were just talking about it and they also send each other clips of Singalong songs from the internet and it brings back such wonderful nostalgic memories for our family. Disney – please, please please add this to the Disney+ lineup!!

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