Comments for OpEd: It is Time to Close “Voyage of the Little Mermaid”

voyage of the little mermaid

Credit: Disney


  1. EricJ

    I’m sorry…you said you actually REMEMBERED the songs from Moana??
    Sounded like you said “we” do!

    (Do you…like…remember the plot, too?)

  2. Darth Ideas

    How about a Rescuers Down Under show?

    Fans of that have been waiting for years to see ol ‘ McLeach on-stage!

    1. Kevin

      I strongly disagree. This is one of Disney’s strongest stage shows (in the US at least). The puppetry doesn’t feel dated; it feels effective at portraying underwater motion. The only thing that feels dated is the laser effect of the water’s surface. Modern projectors could do much better, and wouldn’t be that expensive.

      If you want to replace a show, why not Beauty and the Beast? Obviously, there is no ride of this movie (which there should be), but the show has such a clunky, Mulan, Jr. style of storytelling that DHS could surely do without it

  3. ArielsDad

    Absolutely not. My little girl is a huge Ariel fan and has been seeing this show on every trip since we started taking her around the age of 2 or 3. This theatre and the show that is held inside are very special to her and I hope that one day she can take her children to see it.

    While the ride at MK is great, its 100% animatronics and animation. What is in this theatre is unique, special, and should be continued for as long as possible.

    1. Misti

      Voyage of The Little mermaid and The Beauty and the Beast are the best things in Hollywood studios. It’s my least favorite park. It’s so hot there plus half the time I just can’t find anything I want to do. Other than the Tower of Terror.

    2. Trish

      I totally agree with you! My son (who’s now a cast member) has seen this show over 500 times! We started going when the ORIGINAL mermaid show was there (1997?). It’s one of the most popular shows & is not outdated, but I do agree that the water elements could be updated. Why change perfection?

  4. Peter

    Keep it!!!!

  5. peter

    Leave it THERE!

  6. Avery Judson

    Time to move on! People get so attached to rides/attractions, and I find it quite silly. Disney needs to keep moving forward and bring in new attractions to keep guests coming back (some of us can’t afford to go annually and I want new experiences each time I go or it would become a boring experience of “I’ve already done that”). I think Moana or Tangled are fantastic ideas and both underrated movies in the parks! (There is more than just Frozen and Ariel lol)

  7. LL

    Agree with the oped. Now that an attraction is dedicated to Ariel in MK, the theater could be used for something not prominent in any park. One that may be successful is The Incredibles. The two movies are popular, but there hasn’t been an attraction featuring them. Brave also doesn’t have an attraction, but this would be ideal for the UK area at EPCOT (instead of Mary Poppins).

    1. T

      Uh, there is an attraction featuring The Incredibles. It’s called the Incredi-coaster. At DCA…

      1. Uh

        And which WDW park is that in???

        1. TT

          Just because it’s not at WDW doesn’t mean there isn’t one already. OP said there hasn’t been an attraction ft. Incredibles and there is…

  8. Chris

    Nope, this is actually one of the few shows at Disney World that is actually good along with Indy, Festival of the Lion King and the current version of the bird show without UP characters. It is high time they replaced Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo and even Fantasmic!

  9. SG

    Good points, Moana would be the perfect choice. But Tangled needs an outlet too . I’d suggest to use Moana like you said. Animal Kindom could use a new attraction, maybe ZooTopia! I’ve never seen Tangled on stage but that would be a great strory to watch in Hollywood.

  10. LouiB

    When I make my annual or every other year trip to Florida from California this is always ones of the shows I really enjoy and judging from the crowds a lot of other people do to. Little Mermaid is magical starting the 2nd age of Disney Animation, and it is clearly the songs that continue to make this show so special. Neither Moana or Tangled can live up to this music. I wouldn’t mind a replacement eventually but it better be a lot better then this to take it out.

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