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disney world reopening

Credit: Disney


  1. Papito

    Wuhan Virus……..97% recovery rate. Just sayin’

    1. Paul

      SARS-CoV-2 caused COVID-19 disease – third leading cause of death in the US behind only heart disease and cancer. Just sayin’

      1. Dr Fauci

        You are falling for the inflated death count?

        Baa Baa, run along little sheep.

    2. Susan

      Tell that to the 196,000 dead. It’s actually the trump virus

      1. janie

        the almost 200k dead that is going to be close to 500k dead by next yr yep but the virus is a hoax to these folks sadly susan but its clearly not! Btw my kids bffl died and got sick out of nowhere 13yrs old and one of the many in the death toll that is def not inflated! But lets face the facts we live in a world where if it didnt affect me personally it must be fake and i can go around not caring! If only people cared more!

  2. cindy caine

    yep tell that to the team members i know that got it and all of us whom were out for 3 wks and major reasons hhn is not running!

  3. Frank Dux

    Absolute BS shameless AF

  4. Concerned

    So what about all of the cast members and team members who have gotten it? It’s still spreading like crazy. Do employees not count?

    1. Donna

      Disney is NOT covid free. Disney is hush hush on the amount of covid in cast members. All this article and others like this is doing is encouraging them to keep up their foolishness and hiding the truth. But we all know nothing bad ever happens at Disney. Or so they want you to think that.

      1. mark

        They are more covid free thanks to procautions unlike the other parks which seem to be very lax!

  5. SG

    Lies, lies and more lies. The press has been confirming what we all know. The spread of the virus continues, it’s going down BUT there are still new cases. Probably much less pred from WDW vs Universal since Universal is more lax with mask wearing enforcement. Unless we have more effective contact tracing we will never know the source for sure. But what we do know is there’s new confirmed positive tests EVERY day, hundreds of them!

  6. Jamie

    to all of you whom constantly say this virus is a lie! Tell that to someone living w it right now whose scared! Tell that to someone whose family member is gone and dead! Tell that to someone whom had it but now has to last w scared lungs and all the repercussions from this virus! Please have a heart stop being selfish and understand your not the only individual a life that matters on this planet!

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