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  1. Ken G

    I had mentioned the other day in a comment that I met Tzi Ma who plays Mulan’s father in the film. This was at a community TV station that I worked at back in January when there was still a big premier planned and all. He was so excited about the film and for the Asian Community.
    It’s so sad that an important film such as this and for all the cast and crew that it won’t get the huge theatrical release that it’s due – and most likely a billion dollar box office along with it. Not to mention this is a film to see on the big screen.
    As far as the $30 – yes it is worth it (we will probably wait). Heck around here an average weekend ticket to a Regal or AMC is $14-$16, and we go always go to the lux theater Cinepolis which is about $22 per ticket (plus we usually get drinks and at least some food that can add up to over $80 for the 3 of us!)

    In my opinion, I think they should have just pushed this off to summer 2021 when it could get the big theater opening that it deserves. Another year would not have made that big of a difference. I guess they could still do that as well.

    1. Eric

      The reason you pay so much for movie tickets is to experience the effects of the big screen and surround sound. $30 to stream Mulan is totally outrageous. We went with Fire Stick for free!!!

  2. What Disney and the author of this article fails to see is yes this is good value for say a family of 4. But what about the single person like myself or a couple. To pay $30 for a movie is way too much. I would never pay $30 to see a movie for myself. So the value only lies for families as they would pay that and more to see a movie in a theater. But they certainly wouldn’t pay $30 a person to see a movie in a theater. But is exactly what Disney+ is asking those of us who are single or just a couple without any children. The cost is way too much and I for one can wait till December when I can watch as part of my Disney + service. I have many other things to watch in the mean time on Amazon Prime.

  3. Rob

    Or, I can wait a few months and see with standard subscription and save $30. This article is hilarious. Nothing stated is reason to spend extra money now. It reads as a promo piece that Disney is backing.

  4. Truth

    Basically – Be woke, pay $30 feel good about being woke and then tell everyone who doesn’t follow your mindset they are horrible. Rinse wash repeat. The new Disney is a joke.

    1. David A

      Absolutely right. Disney are running out of new ideas and are having to turn out live action versions of their animated movies most of which fail to impress. The same can be said about theme park attractions where they are retheming much loved rides because the imagineers are failing to come up with something original. Time that they listened to the true Disney fans instead of bowing to the minority. The woke brigade / Cancel Culture crowd will kill Disney

  5. Thomas

    Out of all the reviews I have read of ‘Mulan’, I’d say 95% of them have said the film is okay, but lacks from not being in the cinema environment. I went to the cinema earlier this week, and I can honestly say I have not felt safer in this whole covid period. The hand sanitiser is the first thing you come to before you even get to the ticket counter. There are two seats between every booking, and every other row is unavailable. At the end of the movie you are shown out through the backdoor, so not to cross paths with those coming into the cinema, and the person showing you out then goes and deep cleans the room. In territories where cinemas are open, Mulan should have been released there to cinemas as well as to Disney+ to give a choice, and then re-released to those places where cinemas aren’t open next year when things should be a little more normal. It isn’t a child-friendly movie, I can’t imagine a 6 year old sitting to watch it without getting bored as there’s no colourful little Mushu or Krik-ee to entertain them. And as someone has said, based on a family of 4 or more, then maybe the price on Disney+ is justifiable, but as a single person who enjoys going to the cinema alone and my local cinema ticket price is £4.99 and I don’t often buy popcorn (even if I did it’d come to £10 at the most). My brother, who I share my Disney+ account with, agrees with me and we’ve waited this long for it, we can wait a few more months for it to be free (bar the subscription fee). Also in this article, it states if you like it and want to watch again you can…if you don’t you’ve paid $30/£20 to watch something once! I’d rather pay my £4.99, and then if I want to watch it again, I can watch it 4 times and still not paid as much as I’d pay to watch it once on Disney+.

  6. James Krisvoy

    I know there is a 3D version of Mulan & that Disney+ does not offer 3D streaming. If the 3D version is released theatrically or if the 3D blu ray version is avallable I will see it either way or both. I will NOT support a 2D version. Petiod!

    1. Jodi Merusi

      Sorry, I won’t be paying the $30. I watch my Disney+ shows on a 2″ X 4″ cell phone — I can’t get it on my TV! Mulan just won’t have the visual impact on a tiny hand held screen compared to my large TV or better yet a movie screen. I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income and I can’t justify the extra cost. I’ll wait.

  7. Karen

    Totally worth the money and you own it. I bought Disney+ for the year and was offered the Disney+ Premier Access in an email that states I can access the movie anytime until it is on Disney+. My friend who pays monthly did not get that email. So read the fine print. Either way it is the best Disney live action to date. It is not a copy of the animated version but there are plenty of references and it’s not a musical. It is a well made entertaining movie!! The acting is superb and the cinematography excellent. Cinderella was always my favorite live action Mulan is better never thought I would say that!! Enjoy!!

  8. SG

    $30? No way! Our old theater charged $12, that’s $24 for my husband and I. And after a while you can watch a blockbuster (we won’t know if Mulan will qualify yet) on Half Price Tuesday, $6 per person. Not to mention my most important criticism: no original soundtrack and no Mu Chu! I don’t mind waiting 3 months at all to watch it at no extra charge – not for free. As a matter of fact, if they kept any extra charge I’d never watch it. Don’t pay it people, if you do every new release will be held hostage for a price – we already pay for Disney+!

    Understandably, souvenirs and food has gone up in price in the parks. Disney needs money, plain and simple. We already paid.

  9. Eric B

    The reason you pay so much for movie tickets is to experience the effects of the big screen and surround sound. $30 to stream Mulan is totally outrageous. We went with Fire Stick for free!!!

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