Comments for Photos: Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Breaks Down

Mickey and Minnie railway breakdown

Credit: Facebook/Brian Stevens


  1. mark nowak

    so it is just a big WHITE box, sadly no animatronics cheapens the attraction.

  2. Michael

    I helped build this ride I haven’t had a chance to ride it. A lot of technology here. I hope Disney Engineers get this fixed. Anyone that wants to help me get to ride it That would be great!!!

  3. SG

    It’s very high tech but sadly I was not impressed. This is Hollywood, why did they trash The Great Movie Ride instead of updating it? There are so many great movies that I’d love to see their props reused for entertainment!

  4. Matthew Brewster

    Since the ride relies solely on projections, lacking any dimensional sets or props, moving with the effects off must be like touring an empty warehouse!

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